Easter Veggies & Bento Box Ideas

Need some new ways to get your kids to eat veggies? Read below for some Easter veggies and bento box ideas!

As you know, I’m a huge fan of different bento box meals for my kids. It makes meal time so much fun for them, and it’s easy to make holiday festive meals without much effort on my part! The best part of putting meals together like this is that I can sneak in good servings of veggies by using my favorite Garden Lites muffins! Yep, those egg-shaped chocolate and blueberry oat muffins? They’re delicious Garden Lites muffins that are made of 1/3 vegetables!

I couldn’t believe it when I first “taste-tested” them myself! The chocolate muffin is a household favorite! Zucchini is the main ingredient, but the flavor is so delicious. I don’t think my kids believe me when I tell them that they’re getting a good serving of vegetables with their chocolate muffin.

Easter is another big holiday around here so it was fun to put together this themed bento box. Even though it looks pretty fancy, it’s pretty easy for me to get a good, Pinterest-worthy kids’ meal together using our go-to bento box and small food cutters! I try to add in different fruits and sides and of course, our Garden Lites muffins, to mix up the food choices for the boys.

For this meal, I made a bunny-shaped jelly sandwich using a cheese slice for the bunny face. For their sides, I used blackberries and cherry tomatoes since they’re “egg shaped,” and cut out our Garden Lites muffins to look like Easter eggs, too!

I added a dollop of guacamole with carrots dipped into them and shaped the strawberries and grape slices to look like carrots, too. Needless to say, this bento box was a major hit with both of the boys (and their dad, too)!

Any tips on how to get kids to eat more veggies?

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  1. Jaclyn Q wrote:

    Your bento boxes are #goals! Can I be your kid!?

    Posted 3.28.17
  2. This is adorable! I want bento boxes for me also!

    Posted 3.29.17
  3. Your lunches are an inspiration! I wish you could make my lunch!!

    Posted 3.29.17
  4. You had me at those cute bento boxes. What a great way to package food for the little ones! And those garden lite muffins a re a must-try!

    Posted 3.29.17
  5. Lauren wrote:

    This is adorable!! My kids love the garden lites muffins!!

    Posted 3.29.17
  6. Sally wrote:

    SO CUTE! Those muffins look yummy!!

    Posted 3.29.17
  7. OvenStruck wrote:

    These are too cute! I can’t imagine the look on my daughters face if I made these for her lol Those carrots are adorbs!

    Posted 3.29.17
  8. Love how deceptively easy they make it for kids to get veggies! yumm! and I love the idea of a bento box.

    Posted 3.29.17
  9. Kristen wrote:

    I love your bento box ideas!

    Posted 3.29.17
  10. Kenya wrote:

    These are excellent Strategies!! I’ve never seen the zucchini and carrot brownies! I just make my son a spinach smoothie! Makes my life easier LOL????

    Posted 3.29.17
  11. Heather Brown wrote:

    These are the BEST!!!!

    Posted 3.29.17
  12. Danielle wrote:

    Those lunches are so cute! You need to come make some for Annabelle 😉

    Posted 3.29.17
  13. This is all so adorable! What a great way to make fruits and veggies fun!

    Posted 3.29.17
  14. Amy Lu wrote:

    This is such a cute idea for an Easter themed meal! We love Garden Lites too.

    Posted 3.29.17
  15. Susan wrote:

    Haven’t tried them, but I’m going to!!!!! The chocolate muffin sounds so good!

    Posted 3.29.17
  16. Cute and tasty!
    I will have to check my local Stop & Shop for the Garden Lites; I hadn’t heard of this brand until today. 🙂

    Posted 3.30.17
  17. These are so adorable! I am going to have to make these for my kids.

    With Love Rochelle

    Posted 3.30.17
  18. Annie wrote:

    Your bento boxes are adorable!!! I need to go snag a box of these muffins — anything to get some extra veggies in my mini!

    Annie | http://www.somethingaboutnavy.com

    Posted 3.30.17
  19. Soooo good mama! Love what you did here for the kids. I’m sure they enjoyed it all

    Posted 3.30.17
  20. Andi wrote:

    Love this bento box idea for Easter! I’m totally making a bunny and a garden for my oldest now!

    Posted 3.30.17
  21. Patricia wrote:

    This is the cutest idea ever!! I bet my girls would love these Garden Lites!!

    Posted 3.30.17
  22. Rachel wrote:

    These muffins are THE BOMB. They used to sell them at Costco which was awesome because our little one would eat two + a day. But they don’t sell them there anymore:( 🙁 🙁

    Posted 3.31.17
  23. This is adorable!! We love Garden Lites!

    Posted 3.31.17
  24. Rachel wrote:

    This is the cutest idea and these muffins sound wonderful! I have to try them!

    Posted 3.31.17
  25. These bento lunches are too cute! Kids would surely love these!

    Posted 4.3.17

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