Mom Life Mondays: Blog Link Up #22

Happy Monday, my lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend! Can you believe that it’s already February? I’m so excited for Valentine’s Day! Another excuse to eat sweets, make treats and do all the HEART things, like buying a Valentine’s pair of Lularoe leggings?! Yep, I’m a love LOVE kind of girl!

Read below for a bumpdate and weekend recap and don’t forget to link-up with your current posts!


As of yesterday, I am 22 weeks! It’s seriously so crazy how fast these weeks seem to fly by the third time around. I know I skipped the bumpdate last week, but I’m feeling well and baby boy is healthy! We took A to the anatomy scan with us and he loved seeing his baby brother on the screen. Even though it wasn’t our first anatomy scan, D and I were still amazed at seeing our new babe. Pregnancy is such a blessing. I want to be cognizant of not taking any part of it for granted, even the parts I don’t like and even when I don’t feel like myself. I’m mentally trying to remind myself every day; to relish in every baby kick, and every pound I gain. And to take every single bit in stride because it is all His beautiful creation and the journey to meet our littlest love.

I think I’ve gained around 15 lbs. so far. I put the bulk of my weight on in the third trimester, so I’m sure I’ll end up close to my last pregnancy around 30-35 lbs. I crave lots of sweets, fresh fruit and snacks. I’m hoping that when the weather warms up in a few months that I’ll be more active outside than I am right now. Now that my nausea is over, I’m going to try my best to get back to the gym for light cardio and swimming laps. (Wish me luck!)

My hair is growing at rapid, rapid speed. Even faster than my usual fast hair growth, which is a typical pregnancy symptom for me. On the flip side, the weirdest pregnancy symptom I have is that my eyelashes fall out! It happened with my last pregnancy and it’s unfortunately starting to happen again this time. (Thank goodness for falsies!)

Wknd Recap


If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen my pics and stories of the best part of my weekend. I’m SO, SO excited and honored to join the wonderful ladies at Detroit Moms Blog. It’s SO hard to make mom friends. I swear it’s even worse than dating! When I first started this blog last Spring/Summer, my main goal was to connect with moms and mom bloggers. So when I randomly saw a call for applications to join the City Moms network in Detroit, I rushed to fill out the form!

I was elated when I got the e-mail that I was chosen to join the team! Several of my friends are contributors for the City Moms network in other cities. And I also know a few mom bloggers who are current contributors to our local chapter. On Saturday, our amazing owner Beth put together a fabulous day of pampering and photo shoots for our headshots! Talk about feeling like a supermodel!

I got to drive down to the shoot with my “big” Jesi, (we are #soulies) and had a blast meeting the other fabulous ladies. I even met up (finally!) with mom bloggers and fellow contributors Lauren & Danielle!

We were pampered from head to toe, with stylings from Nikki at Madison Boutique, make-up by Brie Miller at On the Road Beauty, hair by Simona Vigh, and photos by Emma Burcusel. All of these ladies were SO incredible and made the entire experience so easy and fun. Needless to say, it was a great day and I loved meeting so many wonderful women/moms in the area. I can’t wait to attend more of our local events and to write for this amazing network of women.

Photography By: Emma Burcusel

Styling By: Madison Boutique

Hair By: Simona Vigh

Make-Up By: Brie Miller

Have you heard of blog link ups? Join us for our Mom Life Mondays blog linkup 22!

What is a blog link-up you ask? It’s a regular post that I’ have on Mondays [pending any holidays or life emergencies], but it’s a place you can come to find the latest and greatest blog posts about all things parenting, motherhood, lifestyle, etc.

Featured Blogger from Link Up #21: Emily @ Mama’s Musings Blog

As a self-proclaimed A-type (almost) perfectionist, it’s easy for me to put a lot of pressure on myself in all aspects of life. But, especially when it comes to parenting, I set the bar high. Like most moms, my greatest fear is letting down my kids or failing them in the way I raise them to be good people. I think in my day to day parenting, I can easily let those high expectations of myself translate to too much control and over parenting my kids. Emily’s post, “Learning to Let Mistakes Happen” is such a great reminder for moms to give themselves grace and to realize that all of us are trying our best and learning how to parent with each mistake we let happen! Be sure to check out her post, it’s a great read!

If you’re a blogger, please feel free to drop a link to a current motherhood-related blog post. I just ask that you follow the instructions detailed below!

We also have a chat loop on Instagram! Please follow JeeYoung (me!) @simplyeveryblog & Shannon @momwithoutlabels for our weekly #IGMOMSCHAT (usually on Thursday nights @ 9pm EST!)

Have a fabulous week, loves!


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  1. Danielle wrote:

    It was so much fun meeting you!! I can not wait to hang out more. 🙂 Welcome to an awesome group of women.

    Posted 2.6.17
  2. Patricia wrote:

    You look gorgeous dear. Sorry to hear about the lashes but thanks God for beautiful falsies . Hahahahaha
    Can I join the link up even if I live in the UK?

    Posted 2.6.17
  3. Francesca wrote:

    You look amazing!! My hair always grows so fast when I’m pregnant, it’s the best!! Omg your eyelashes! I’ve never heard of that happening!

    Posted 2.6.17
  4. Your official blogger pics are gorgeous! Pregnancy does do weird things to you, and hair, but yours looks amazing!

    Posted 2.6.17
  5. Mamaguru wrote:

    How wonderful to connect with other bloggers! You look beautiful!

    Posted 2.6.17
  6. Oh love that pregnancy glowing hair 🙂 So excited to have found your blog! I’m also a fulltime mom finding time to write during naps and bedtime! Congrats on the Mom Blog!

    Posted 2.6.17
  7. Getting that little sneak peak at your baby is so special. I still have my anatomy scan hanging on my fridge and my baby is almost 2! Thanks for featuring my blog post from last week!

    Posted 2.6.17
  8. Shay wrote:

    You are gorgeous mama!! I think I replied to one of your Insta photos but the City Moms Blog is amazing! SO excited for you- you’ll love it!

    You’re at the halfway point of your pregnancy- also exciting!! You look great!

    Posted 2.6.17
  9. Patricia wrote:

    You look amazing at that photo shoot, and I can’t believe you’re already halfway there!!!

    Posted 2.6.17
  10. Rochelle wrote:

    This sounds like so much fun ! I just went ahead and signed up for the linkup!

    With Love Rochelle

    Posted 2.6.17
  11. Amy Scott wrote:

    Loved your look for the shoot! And omg the eyelash thing, What the heck is that about?! I have it too! Wish my hair was going all Rapunzel though, it just seems lank and heavy :/ I can’t believe you’re already 22 weeks, it’s flying! Whereas I feel week 40 will never come!

    Posted 2.6.17
  12. Jaclyn Q wrote:

    You are so cute!! I feel like your pregnancy is flying by! Your weekend sounds like it was a blast!

    Posted 2.6.17
  13. You look AMAZING mama!!! And I want that pregnancy side-effect, my hair never grows… Thanks for the link-up!

    Posted 2.6.17
  14. You are looking radiant, momma!!! I’m loving following this pregnancy 🙂 I especially loved you all glamed up 😉

    Posted 2.6.17
  15. Thanks for sharing! Awesome post!

    Posted 2.6.17
  16. You look great! And how fun to have a day to get pampered and take pictures and meet other moms!

    Posted 2.6.17
  17. Ashley wrote:

    You have seriously got to be one of the most beautiful, glowing pregnant mamas I’ve ever seen! I loved seeing all your photos and reading your 22 week bumpdate. You’re right, every single minute of pregnancy is such a precious gift – good for you for being so cognizant of not taking anything for granted < 3

    Posted 2.6.17
  18. Lauren wrote:

    It looks like you had an awesome weekend, I have only been to a few blogger meetups!

    Posted 2.6.17
  19. Congrats on the baby and the new blog gig with all those other moms. That looks fun. I’m sorry your eyelashes are disappearing but like you said – thank goodness for falsies.

    Posted 2.6.17
  20. Congrats on your pregnancy and on joining the City Mom’s Blog in Detroit, so exciting! You look fabulous in the photo shoot!

    Posted 2.6.17
  21. Hanna wrote:

    You look absolutely radiant! And I’m so glad you were selected and had such a good time! Glad you’re enjoying this pregnancy as each week passes and gets closer to little beans arrival!

    Posted 2.6.17
  22. Emily wrote:

    Love reading your bump dates! Such a cute little baby bump. I’m a few weeks ahead of you, so I can always relate to the symptoms you’re talking about. You looked gorgeous for your headshots!

    Posted 2.6.17
  23. Gillian wrote:

    Loved reading about these recent happenings in your life. Your baby bump is adORABLE!

    Posted 2.6.17
  24. Sarah wrote:

    You look fantastic! I’m trying to enjoy this pregnancy since it’s my last, but I just have a really hard time enjoying being pregnant. I just don’t feel like my body is my own anymore, lol. I’m 29 weeks so the countdown is on!

    Posted 2.7.17
  25. Lisa wrote:

    Thanks so much for the Link Up, love! I’m a part of the Milwaukee Moms Blog and I LOVE the group of women it has connected to me to. Welcome to the City Moms Blog Network! ????

    Posted 2.7.17
  26. Shannon wrote:

    Such a cute bump and such gorgeous pics! I love MLM’s!

    Posted 2.8.17
  27. Congrats on your pregnancy! You look beautiful! Hope you feel beautiful too! 😉 I just found your blog (great) and this link up party. I’m so excited to link up. This is actually my first one, so PLEASE forgive me if I didn’t do it right! I’ve been blogging since Oct ’16 so I’m learning the ropes. 😉

    Posted 2.8.17
  28. I loved finally meeting you! The photo shoot really was a blast. I’m soooo looking forward to getting our final headshots! Can’t wait to see more of you at DMB get-togethers. <3

    Posted 2.12.17
    • JeeYoung wrote:

      Had the best time! So excited for the future meet ups!

      Posted 2.17.17

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