The Best Part of Waking Up

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You’ve been there since my high school days. Helping me awake from a sleepless night of AOLing and tyPiNg Like DiZ to my best friends. 

You were the one who pried my eyes open, as I crammed for finals week during all-night study sessions in college.

And those days of endless happy hours and bar hopping with colleagues? Yea, you were the one who kept me together in my first years into the “real world.”

We’ve been through a lot, you and I, and my love for you only grows deeper and stronger as time passes and brings a new phase of my life.

This current phase of motherhood? The best and hardest I’ve ever experienced phase? You’re the fuel behind it all. Seriously, it’s all you.

You are what gets me out of bed every morning. You are what keeps my days going. 

I’ve learned to love you in all different forms; hot, cold, luke-warm, reheated, freshly brewed, black, cream, instant, or drip. I love you without conditions because you are always a constant support to me. 

So cheers to you, my dear old friend. And thank you for all that you do, I know I can always count on you.

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you know that I have a love affair with coffee. I’ve always been a coffee-lover. But, now that I am a mom, it’s an essential part of my morning all day routine.

I love everything about it. The flavor, the aroma, the energy boost it gives me! It even gives me the mental rejuvenation that I am superwoman who can tackle all of the to-dos of the never-ending task list. What’s not to love about it, right?

It really is the best part of wakin’ up! (And now that the iconic Folgers jingle is stuck in your head!) Today, I want to share with you the 2017 Folgers Jingle Contest!


2013 Folgers Jingle Contest Winners

The iconic Folgers jingle has become a piece of pop culture. Even as a kid, I remember humming the tune all day long after seeing a commercial on tv. And yes, I’m singing along right now, as I type up the title to this blog post. It’s such a classic jingle! Don’t lie, you started singing along too, right?!

The best part?! For all of you aspiring musicians and musically talented readers, Folgers wants you to create your own version of the ‘Best Part of Wakin’ Up’ jingle and enter it in the 2017 Folgers Jingle Contest for a chance to win.

I love working with companies and brands that foster a love for the arts. I think it’s a crucial part of our learning and culture. Folgers has a long-standing tradition of inspiring musicians to follow their dreams. This year, they’ve teamed up with country music singer-songwriter Chris Young to encourage aspiring musicians to create their own version of the iconic Best Part of Wakin’ Up™ Jingle in the Folgers Jingle Contest.

Here is how it works:

  • Submit a video of your best version of the jingle on the website from January 30th through February 27th. Your version of the Jingle must include the complete melody and complete lyrics of “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup.”
  • From February 27th to March 19th, Folgers will choose 5 semi-finalists. Each semi-finalist will have a mentor session with Chris Young before the online vote.
  • From March 27th to April 24th, fans around the country will get the chance to vote daily for their favorite jingle. Every vote automatically enters you to win prizes up to $10,000.
  • Finally, in May, one winner will win the grand prize of $25,000!

Good luck in the Folgers Jingle Contest! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries!

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  1. Jacki wrote:

    It really is the best part of my morning! I can’t say the word Folgers without sing the song in my head ????????

    Posted 2.7.17
  2. Hilarious how it is impossible to even read the blog title without the jingle popping into your head.

    Posted 2.7.17
  3. I love coffee and now will have the jingle in my head while I drink mine this morning!

    Posted 2.7.17
  4. And now I need to get my coffee going… Cute post! I can’t wait to see the winner

    Posted 2.7.17
  5. Kirstin wrote:

    Oh yes! As a new mom, a HOT cup of coffee isn’t apart of my daily life anymore. Reheated, luke-warm coffee is more familiar to me these days. But hey! I’ll take it!

    Posted 2.7.17
  6. Melanie wrote:

    Where would we all be without coffee to wake us up in the morning?!?!?

    Posted 2.7.17
  7. Coffee!!! Seriously, how would we survive without it?!

    Posted 2.7.17
  8. Joanna wrote:

    That jingle contest is fantastic! I bet there are going to be some great ones in there:)

    Posted 2.7.17
  9. Casey wrote:

    It really is what gets me going in the morning!! I struggle when we are out 🙂

    Posted 2.7.17
  10. Leighann wrote:

    What a fun contest! I’ve been a long-time coffee lover too! I like my relationships strong like my coffee…and I like my relationship with coffee to be strong;)

    Posted 2.7.17
  11. Danielle wrote:

    Oh coffee, how I love thee! I really didn’t start drinking coffee until later into my college career. Now, I easily drink 2 (or 3) cups a day. And I totally sang the jingle. 🙂

    Posted 2.7.17
  12. Angela wrote:

    This is so cute!! Folgers was in my house too!! Love the pretty foam art in the coffee!!

    Posted 2.7.17
  13. Esther wrote:

    Oh man, I LOVE me some coffee!! It is essential to this #momlife. Such a fun post!

    Posted 2.7.17
  14. If I didn’t have coffee in my life, I may not survive. This was a super cute post 🙂

    Posted 2.8.17
  15. Julie wrote:

    I have coffee every morning! Their jingle is a strong one that everyone knows! A great coffee to enjoy!!! How fun!!

    Posted 2.8.17
  16. Val wrote:

    Oh my gosh, love how coffee has been with you so long 🙂 Annnnd now I have the Folgers jingle in my head 😉

    Posted 2.8.17
  17. Rachel wrote:

    I run on coffee alllll day evverrryyyday! 🙂 PS If I had a single creative bone in my body I’d enter that contest.

    Posted 2.8.17

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