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How was your first week of the new year? I tried to be productive both at home and at work. I think I was successful for the first week. I’ve been looking for a new personal laptop and a monitor for my desk at home. So, we ventured out with the kids decked out in their jammies. I got a sweet deal at Best Buy and spent some time last week reorganizing and purging some stuff in our office and den. We shredded old paper work, consolidated our electronics, and made a pile of stuff for donation. I’m so happy with my new laptop/work laptop/monitor set up. It’s really motivated me to honor my work space and keep up that whole “word for 2017” I decided to stick with this year.


I’m 18 weeks as of yesterday. This pregnancy is flying by. I definitely have my energy back, but my nausea/appetite issues are still lingering. I think the worst of it is over, but it’s definitely still a struggle to make sure to stay hydrated and nourished. Honestly, I can’t even keep up with regular prenatal vitamins. Oy.

On the bright side, we have our anatomy scan in a few weeks and I’m so excited to see our little babe. I haven’t had an ultrasound since my dating one at 7 weeks. This will also be the first time D will be ‘meeting’ our newest love. I’m looking forward to our lil’ day date for lunch and my OB appointment. (I know we’re too cool, aren’t we?~)

As always, the constant feeling that encompasses how I feel about this pregnancy is gratefulness. I feel beyond blessed to have healthy children and healthy, average pregnancies. We feel so fortunate to have a less than an eventful road to parenthood and we feel immensely lucky and blessed with each of our pregnancies thus far. I had an early loss (chemical pregnancy) between our two oldest babes that served as a wake-up call and great reminder that not everyone’s road to parenthood is as easy or according to ‘plan.’

As far as keeping track of the pregnancy, I try to take bumpics when I remember, but in all honesty, our day to day is so busy, that I’m just trying to enjoy each moment (that I actually remember I’m pregnant.) From feeling the baby move to hearing A telling my belly/baby how he’s going to take care of him when he’s on the outside. These are just a few of the tender moments that I will cherish in my memory for as long as time allows.


We had a full and productive weekend full of activities for the kids: soccer & swimming, running a lot of errands, and some pampering and QT! I managed to squeeze in a solo date with my oldest and a day date with D too! Oh yea and I grabbed a much needed red cup and manicure! Pampering and retail therapy is always good for rejuvenating my soul.

How was your weekend? Were you snowed/iced in? Or did you venture out? Oh and don’t forget to link-up below! I’m going to be adding in a feature section every week, starting next week!

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  1. Danielle wrote:

    Gah, you have such a cute bump! We just stayed in for the weekend (way too cold here in MI). Well, actually I went to the grocery store like three times to pick random stuff up for my husband who wasn’t feeling well (he did actually throw up, so it was a bit more than the typical man cold 😉 ).

    Posted 1.9.17
  2. Oh goodness, your weekend was full! Lots of fun things, but just reading about it makes me tired, haha. Your baby bump is just too cute! Can’t wait to see what you’re having! Assuming you’re going to find out. It was abnormally warm yesterday, like 75. It was crazy.

    Posted 1.9.17
  3. Elizabeth wrote:

    Awww…manicure sounds good… I did get out for coffee with my youngest – love a mama and baby date 🙂 This weekend I’m hoping to go with my eldest.

    Posted 1.9.17
  4. Jaclyn Q wrote:

    Your little bump is so adorable!!

    Posted 1.10.17
  5. This weekend was SOOOO cold! We stayed in most the weekend and I ventured out only to grocery shop and go to yoga. I can’t believe that you are almost already halfway through this pregnancy! It’s flying by and you look so cute!

    Posted 1.10.17

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