A Christmas Pregnancy Announcement: Dubs Party of 5!

Santa sent us the most precious gift a lil’ early this year!

A Christmas Pregnancy Announcement: Dubs Party of Five!

We are so excited to announce our family is growing and we will soon be a party of five! D and I are over the moon to be expanding our family and we are so grateful for our newest blessing.

Our emotions have been all over the place from shock to excitement to joy to shock! Haha! We’re officially going to be outnumbered! Even as I type this, I cannot believe that we will have three little ones running around our home.


As far as the pregnancy, I’ll be 16 weeks on Christmas day. The fatigue has lifted as I entered the second trimester a few weeks ago, but I’m still very nauseous. I don’t think it’s any worse than my last pregnancy. But, I opted to not take the meds that I was on last time. So here I am trucking along and will hopefully come out of the fog soon.

I haven’t done much in the way of tracking this pregnancy. (Insert stereotype about third baby/pregnancy!). I’ve taken a random bump picture when I remember. I don’t know that I’ll be keeping up a pregnancy journal here, but I will definitely update as I can. I’m trying to cherish this pregnancy to myself and not take it for granted. Most days, I’m so busy with taking care of the boys and work that the pregnancy has flown by, despite not feeling like myself.

And for all of you who so patiently read through my post! I took the Materniti21 test for genetic screening and found out the week after Thanksgiving that our baby is healthy thus far and also found out the sex!

Excited as can be, to announce our baby BOY #3!!!

I will be a tried and true BOY mom for life. The bond between my boys is already so strong, I can’t wait for our littlest love to join our tribe. His brothers, especially his biggest brother A is so excited to meet him and welcome him to (his) world

Thank you to all of our family and friends for your love, support, and prayers. We feel immensely blessed and thankful for His gracious hand in our lives.

To all of my amazing blog family and friends, have a wonderful holiday and merry merry CHRISTmas! From our (growing) family to yours <3

A Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

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  1. Abigail wrote:

    Congrats!!!! So happy for you guys!

    Posted 12.21.16
  2. Jacki wrote:

    So adorable!! And your hair between bump wk 8 & 15 ????????????????????????

    Posted 12.21.16
  3. Eryka wrote:

    Congrats! I love all the bump pics and your announcement is adorable

    Posted 12.21.16
  4. So excited for you guys! Congratulations!

    Posted 12.21.16
  5. Susan wrote:


    Posted 12.21.16
  6. Danielle wrote:

    Congratulations!! How very exciting!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  7. Maddie wrote:

    Congratulations mama!! Boy #3, you will be the Queen in your household! 🙂

    Posted 12.21.16
  8. Amy wrote:

    Yay! So excited for you!!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  9. Patricia wrote:

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you and your family! What a blessing!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  10. Katie wrote:

    So awesome! Congrats! You will forever be the queen of the house! 3 is a blessing! Almost 7months in myself and I wouldn’t change our craziness for anything ❤️

    Posted 12.21.16
  11. Elizabeth wrote:

    Waaahhhhh!! That is such lovely news 🙂 Huge congratulations on your growing gorgeous tribe. Babies are magic…

    Posted 12.21.16
  12. Maly wrote:

    I literally smiled when I read your post in my inbox. Congratulations!!! Boy moms rule!

    Posted 12.21.16
  13. Jenna wrote:

    Awwww!!! Congratulations!!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  14. Vivian wrote:

    Ahhh!!! How exciting! Congratulations!!! J always says the BEST athletes come from a family of at least 3 boys. Because they always have one brother to play with/against. lol Merry Christmas!

    Posted 12.21.16
  15. Truly so so happy for you! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy – can’t wait to follow along on your journey to becoming a boy mom of 3!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  16. Brittany wrote:

    Congratulations! I’m due in June 2017, too!

    Posted 12.21.16
  17. Aly wrote:

    So excited for you #boymom! What a ride it will be!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  18. Aly wrote:

    So excited for you #boymom! What a ride it will be!!

    Posted 12.21.16
  19. jimmette wrote:

    grace upon grace!

    Posted 12.22.16
  20. Congrats!!!

    Posted 1.2.17

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