Mom Life Mondays: Blog Link Up #12 (4th Birthday!)


Four years ago today, I became a mama. This little darling changed my world forever.



To my sweet A,

Four years ago today, your dad and I became better people. We are infinitely more loving, patient, curious, selfless, honest, caring, thoughtful, adventurous, happy, and silly because of you.

This past year has been one for the books. We’ve seen you grow into being an independent little boy and an amazing big brother. You love fiercely and with your whole heart. We’re so lucky to have you and your big little personality to teach us how to be better people every day.

I was going to write an endless amount of sentimental things, but figured I’ve already teared up enough today. So instead, I share with you a few things about your current favorites. These days you’re passionate about many things, especially your super hero squad. I totally get it, they’re goals. Your self-made art collection, your Magnatiles city scapes, and retro Dinosaurs are close behind.  But, almost daily, you’re most proud of your little brother. And for that I am so grateful.

Toddler Interview 

How old are you? FOUR!

When’s your birthday? Today!

How old is mommy? 21!

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite food? Pasta

Who is your best friend? Daddy and Mathew

What is your favorite song? ABCs

What is your favorite animal? Giraffe

What are you scared of? The monster

What makes you happy? Santa

Where is your favorite place to go? Home

What do you want to be when you grow up? Spider-Man

What does love mean? Thank you!

Happy birthday my beautiful son, you are no longer a baby; but you will always be my baby. May this next year be full of more belly laughs, more tickle fights, and lots of fun!

I pray that you never stop dreaming big dreams, my sweet boy.

Love you always,



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  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Mr A!! And congratulations to you too, mama 🙂 I hope you have a truly special day celebrating and remembering. Those newborns photos are just gorgeous…

    Posted 11.21.16
  2. Michele wrote:

    Happy birthday to your sweet “baby”! I love the interview answers! And thank you for hosting again this week!

    Posted 11.21.16
    • JeeYoung wrote:

      Thank you for linking up!

      Posted 11.21.16
  3. April wrote:

    Happy Birthday to A…time flies. He is so cute. You do look like 21,kids dont lie.

    Posted 11.21.16
    • JeeYoung wrote:

      Hahahaha thanks love! He made my day!

      Posted 11.21.16
  4. All that hair at birth!! At 17 months my little girl is still a baldy!

    Posted 11.21.16
    • JeeYoung wrote:

      Both of my kids had a head full of hair!

      Posted 11.22.16

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