Little Ways to Show Each Other Love

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I can hardly believe it, but I’ve known my husband for 10 years. And this Sunday, we’ll be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary (in Vegas!!). Like most couples in this stage of life, we’ve been through (and survived!!) most relationship challenges. But, the constant and ongoing challenge we face is caring for our relationship intentionally.


We both work full time and take care of our parents. Throw in maintaining a house and raising two rambunctious little boys (and two dogs!)? To say that our days are chaotic would be an understatement.

It’s in this season of our happy chaos that I’ve seen my best and worst self in my role as a wife. I’ve become a pro at making sure that the “to-do”s of the day are usually done. But, some days, it’s at the expense of not even having one meaningful conversation with my husband. In the busy-ness of our day to day, it’s so easy to push our relationship down the list of things to take care of.


This summer we started to do make some changes. Little ways that make a big impact on our relationship in a good way. We didn’t have a big heart to heart about it. They were just random things that ended up becoming a part of our routine organically. I think that’s why it’s been easier to intentionally keep up these #LittleWins™ as part of our daily routine in maintaining our relationship and showing each other love.

1.) Giving Each Other Me-Time

My husband gives me time on the weekends to sleep in or just to be alone. Being a work at home mom is definitely full of many rewards, but time away from kids is hard to come by. That free hour or two on the weekend is SO good for me to replenish my patience tank.

I’m the wanderlust in our relationship, so I get away for a few “momcation” weekends throughout the year too! In the same vein, I try to give my husband time alone too. A few times a year, I like to take the kids on trips to visit friends and family, while he gets a “dadcation” weekend at home.

Now that it’s (fantasy) football season, I make sure to give him days to relax, so that he can enjoy watching a game in peace and quiet.

2.) Making Time for “Our” Show

Usually, House of Cards is our jam! But, over the summer, we (finally!) got hooked on Game of Thrones. It’s our show that we binge watch together whenever we can squeeze it in. We took a break to watch the Olympics for a while, but we try our hardest to put away our laptops and make time to watch an episode or two together a few times a week.

Khal Drogo: Scariest Man Alive, Greatest Husband in Westeros. (Source: Pinterest)

3.) Talking about the Future

Over the summer, we talked on and off about making a 5 year plan. A few weeks ago, we sat down for a few minutes and each wrote down our 5 year plan goals. Almost everything on our individual lists of wants for our careers, home, and family life were the same. After all this time together, we often joke about how we’ve become one person. We laughed about how true that statement really is for us. It was so fun to talk about our future, our wishes and dreams. We are going to try to do this every few months! It’s such a great way to connect in a different way.



4.) Taking a Break Together

Whether it’s during nap time or while the kids are playing together, we sit down at the kitchen table to have a cup of coffee or snack together. Even if it’s just writing (or reviewing) our to-do list of the day. Those small breaks make the difference in how the rest of the day will go.

Little Ways to Show Each Other Love

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  1. Erin wrote:

    I love this! Sometimes I push my relationship to the back burner when life gets crazy so this was a great reminder! Taking a break together is a great idea!

    Posted 9.16.16
  2. Kim wrote:

    I love these ideas – we need to get back in our show – currently Bloodline and Blacklist! It really is the little things that are so important. You don’t need fancy date nights, just quiet time to be together. Oh, but I would take a trip to Vegas too! HAVE FUN!

    Posted 9.16.16
  3. Chelse wrote:

    Watching Game of Thrones is our jam, too! When life gets hectic and we feel disconnected we always make the time to sit down and watch a show together and then have some “pillow talk” to catch up!

    Posted 9.16.16
  4. This is cute 🙂 I recently got married (in May!) and I love these tips.

    Posted 9.16.16
  5. jehava wrote:

    Really great post! I love how you made this specific for your lives and schedules. As funny as it is, having a show you watch together and get excited about really does become quality time! Great tips here.

    Posted 9.16.16
  6. Happy 6 years, mama! My husband and I have been together 9 years this February! Doesn’t it fly by?! I hope you have something sweet planned together! xoxo!

    Posted 9.16.16
  7. Happy Anniversary!! Just love everything about this post.

    Posted 9.16.16
  8. Maria wrote:

    I am not married, but this is great even for my boyfriend and I! I think its very important to make time for each other. Right now we are catching up on Bloodline and Stranger Things and trying to set aside dedicated nights for date nights 🙂

    Posted 9.16.16
  9. Amie wrote:

    So cute! It’s so important to show one other you are still invested in your relationship 🙂

    Posted 9.16.16
  10. I love the tips! Allowing each other to have “me” time is so important, but still coming back together to watch your shows and talk about the future is just as important! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 9.16.16
  11. Stephanie wrote:

    These are great tips! I especially like the reminders to give each other “me” time — it’s relatively easy to make time to spend together, or to talk about the future. Shaving off some of that time to be individuals can be tricky, but is so important.

    Posted 9.16.16
  12. Angela Kim wrote:

    Love this. Such a great list! I totally agree with making the relationship a priority, recharging our patience tank (I need this daily) and binge watching shows together. I wish I got into GOT but it seems too late to catch up. Our recent binge was Stranger Things. 😉 Have fun in vegas girl! Sounds like so much fun.

    Posted 9.16.16
  13. Lauren wrote:

    I love the idea of making a 5 year plan! I need to do that! And I am so grateful to my hubby for letting me sleep in on the weekends! #littlewins

    Posted 9.16.16
  14. Emily wrote:

    Wow! And I thought we were busy!! It is SO hard to find time for each other but I love the ways you mentioned you two find time to be intentional. And that’s what it takes! Being intentional!! xx

    Posted 9.16.16
  15. mandy wrote:

    Love these tips! It’s so important to show you love someone in little ways. It makes a big difference!

    Posted 9.16.16
  16. Melissa wrote:

    This is a great post. It’s so easy to forget that significant others need love and attention too! I love your tips for making time for each other.

    Posted 9.16.16
  17. I need to start taking momcations! You’re so lucky you can do that! And that Me Time is everythang!

    Posted 9.16.16
  18. My husband and I definitely need to take more time for ourselves! These are some great ideas 🙂

    Posted 9.16.16
  19. I seriously love those bars! They are SO good! I also love all of these ideas…especially making time for myself. I think that is so important!

    Posted 9.16.16
  20. Sometimes my husband and I get so caught up in the stuff we need to get done that we forget to take a step back and remember how to just BE with each other. I think learning how each person in the relationship recharges is important so that you can help them get that time so they can be their best self.

    Posted 9.17.16
  21. Loved your list, and the heart behind this post! It’s a great idea to intentionally look for ways to give each other “me time” apart from the kids. So thoughtful and loving. Hubby and I LOVE talking about our 5, 10, even 15 year plans! It’s a great bonding time. <3

    Posted 9.17.16
  22. Love this! I used to think that “me time” was a selfish request. But as a wife, and mother it’s absolutely necessary! In order for a couple to grow together, they must also grow as individuals. <3 have a great weekend

    Posted 9.17.16
  23. Allison wrote:

    These are great tips! We love watching our show together, it helps so much!

    Posted 9.17.16
  24. Shannon wrote:

    I love this! Great tips!

    Posted 9.19.16

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