3 Simple Ways to Start your AM on a Positive Note

Need some simple ways to start your AM on a positive note? Read below for my morning routine!

My kids were unicorn babies that slept through pretty early on, so I count my blessings that I didn’t suffer too much in the infant sleep stage. So, for the sleep-deprived days that I face now, I try to accept them wholly as my way of paying my tribute to the sleep gods who gave me much of it during the boys’ first years. These days my sleep quality often always is only impacted by my decision to stay up late (’cause you know blogging never sleeps) or if the kids randomly have a middle of the night wake-up.

But, aside from sleep (or lack thereof), I’ve noticed that little things make a big impact as to how the rest of my day goes during the work week. So, before the hustle and bustle of the morning rush hits our home, I try to follow these 3 simple ways to start your morning on a positive note:

1,) Get Yourself Ready!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. When you get out of bed, change out of your pajamas! Even if it’s just a change into a fresh pair of leggings or yoga pants; because, DUH, momiform! It makes me feel so refreshed! And on a day like today, where my hair is done and my face is on? Seriously, I feel like I can take on the world! #winning


2.) Take a few minutes for Quiet Time (or Reading / Meditation)!

I fully admit that one of the main and most important things that I let fall to the wayside is my daily quiet time. In the thick of mothering the littles and lacking “me-time,” it’s easy to push aside this time. In the last few weeks, I’ve tried my best, to take a few minutes before the kids wake up to read through my daily inspiration Bible verses. I say a quick prayer for the day and feel so at peace for the day to be a positive one. Even the short amount of time spent with God makes a long lasting impact on my day and week. While making time for this seems like a daunting task, it takes minimal effort to add it into your routine.

3.) Drink ALLTHEHOT Coffees (or Teas)!

Mmm, my mommy fuel. I could seriously write a song about my love for coffee. Like most of you, these days, it’s a rarity for me to enjoy a full cup of hot coffee. I end up filling my cup several times or reheating the same mug of coffee all day long. Oh and how I need that morning mommy fuel to get my days started on the right note!


If you hadn’t noticed from my Instagram feed, coffee is my love language. Needless to say, I was delighted to try the EkoBrew K-cups from Walmart! If you haven’t heard about them, EkoBrew is an innovative, environmentally friendly reusable K-cup. You can pick your coffee (not limited to K-cups anymore!) and save money while having a fresh cup of HOT coffee in the morning. It’s the perfect answer for sleep-deprived moms everywhere!


The best part is that you can use any type of coffee you wish! Strong or light, you’re no longer confined to the coffee in pre-packaged disposable cups. And you save up to 80% as compared to purchasing K-cup packs! EkoBrew reuseable K-cups are fully compatible with Keurig, Mr.Coffee, Cuisinart and Breville Machines.


What do your morning routines look like? What are little things you do for yourself to start your day on a positive note?

3 Simple Ways to Start Your Morning On A Positive Note

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3 Simple Ways to Start Your Morning On A Positive Note


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  1. Jen G wrote:

    Getting yourself ready first is a big deal! It really cuts down on the time-crunch when you are trying to get out the door!

    Posted 9.28.16
  2. Julie Mason wrote:

    Great tips on starting the day when you really don’t want to start. I love that you use the reusable single coffee filters for your Keurig. I hate the waste that comes with k-cups, I think we really need to push this more.

    Posted 9.28.16
  3. Chelsea wrote:

    Completely agree. I could not LIVE without my keurig!!

    Posted 9.28.16
  4. I’ve got #3 down! It’s 10:10 a.m. and I REALLY need to jump in the shower on days where I telecommute like today, but I get on the computer instead and get sucked in!

    Posted 9.28.16
  5. Mamaguru wrote:

    That sounds just perfect! Have a great day!!

    Posted 9.28.16
  6. Kim wrote:

    Love! It’s SO hard to get up early, but it really helps my mood and motivation. Even if it’s just to have a hot cup of coffee before the kids get up, it helps! When I wake up with them, it’s just chaos! Great tips!

    Posted 9.28.16
  7. Kristie wrote:

    I try to read every morning but I don’t always have the time. I will definitely try to be more intentional with how I start my mornings!

    Posted 9.28.16
  8. Great tips! Getting dressed first thing always sets the tone for the day!

    Posted 9.28.16
  9. Logan wrote:

    I love your coffee mug! I definitely agree that getting dressed is so so important!

    Posted 9.28.16
  10. Haylee wrote:

    So true! Just getting up and preparing mentally and physically for the day makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

    Posted 9.28.16
  11. Haylee wrote:

    So true! Just getting up and preparing mentally and physically for the day makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!

    Posted 9.28.16
  12. Tuyet wrote:

    Such great tips! Im not a morning person and need my coffee asap when I wake up lol kimballandkedzie.com

    Posted 9.28.16
  13. Lauren wrote:

    I never drank coffee until I had kids. Now it gets me out of bed in the morning!

    Posted 9.28.16
  14. Vanessa wrote:

    Great tips! I start my morning off early before the kiddo gets a chance to wake up haha. I get in a good workout, quickly shower, and barely pull my shirt over my head before my son is awake. But getting those few things done right away in the morning definitely sets a good tone for my day!

    Posted 9.28.16
  15. jessica wrote:

    getting myself ready is key! although, some days you just have to stay in jammies and have a cozy day 🙂

    Posted 9.28.16
  16. Joanna wrote:

    Working out first thing in the morning always helps me start my day on a positive note;)

    Posted 9.28.16
  17. I’m a morning person, but I have found that if I do these things, I have a much better day! I always try to wake up before the kids, too. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to plan out my day without their constant needs, I’m better for it!

    Posted 9.28.16
  18. Angela Kim wrote:

    But why is it so hard to get out of the momiform! I’m so guilty of this, just living in pj’s and yoga pants all day. Thanks for the gentle nudge to get out and get to work. Great list!

    Posted 9.28.16
  19. Amanda wrote:

    Couldn’t agree more with all of these! I love having quiet time in the mornings while I drink my coffee. And getting ready is a must! It makes you feel so much more productive!

    Posted 9.28.16
  20. Ref J wrote:

    I agree that getting dressed even if you never leave the house is a mood changer. I love working from home but if I lounge around in my PJ’s all day I am definitely less motivated and end up feeling blah all day as opposed to getting dressed.

    Posted 9.28.16
  21. I love your morning routine and tips. My little one has been the best sleeper for me too, so I wonder when it will come back to get me, haha! Getting dressed first thing is so important, because if it doesn’t happen there’s a chance I won’t change the entire day! I also like the idea of having a quiet reading or devotional time in the morning to really help get my mind in the right place. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 9.28.16
  22. Love me a good morning routine… and I use my Keurig all day long. I need to purchase a couple of these!!

    Posted 9.28.16
  23. Lee Anne wrote:

    Love this post, great list! It’s a nice reminder to stay positive.

    Lee Anne

    Posted 9.28.16
  24. Good ideas. If i could just take some quality time 🙂

    Posted 9.28.16
  25. Shahla wrote:

    Great tips! Coffee is my love language too! I love the idea of choosing your coffee for your Keurig!!

    Posted 9.28.16
  26. Espresso Ever After wrote:

    I love this post and the EkoBrew! Also, that red Keurig is darling!

    Posted 9.28.16
  27. Great tips!! I LOVE my coffee, too! And I totally agree about getting ready!

    Posted 9.28.16
  28. Tiffany wrote:

    I do each of these things every morning – I also get up early to work out and you’re right it makes such a positive impact. I’m really loving that coffee maker!

    Posted 9.28.16
  29. Sarah wrote:

    SO true! These three things can make a tremendous difference in your morning. I need to check out the EkoBrew!

    Posted 9.28.16
  30. Rachel wrote:

    Mornings are rough. My Keurig is the first thing I walk to in the morning. Must have coffee!

    Posted 9.28.16
  31. Morgan wrote:

    Love my morning mommy time with a hot cup of joe! Adorable mug too!


    Posted 9.28.16
  32. Love all the coffee talk too – I could start a website about it, I do believe. 😉 Great tips for great mornings!

    The How-to Guru

    Posted 9.28.16
  33. Sheila wrote:

    Yes, I love waking up before my son for my bible study and hot coffee! The only reason my husband agreed to buying me a keurig was because of the reusable cups! It saves us so much money! But we do like to splurge on k cups occasionally too!

    Posted 9.28.16
  34. Cait wrote:

    Love your list! “Me time” in the morning is a must. I don’t like rushing around if I can help it.

    – Cait | http://www.prettyandfun.com

    Posted 9.28.16
  35. megan wrote:

    I always feel so much better in the morning when I can blow dry my hair. During the summer I always do it so much less because I just let it air dry or shower at night and sleep on it wet, but now that its getting cooler, I get up a little earlier and take the time to blow dry my hair. For some reason, that is the huge turn around for me. Lol

    Posted 9.28.16
  36. I think planning your day can also make a big difference, but getting ready in the morning even if you’re not leaving the house is also super helpful for me. Thanks for the tips!

    Emma | http://www.creativexplorations.com

    Posted 9.28.16
  37. The thing that I do least often, but helps the most, is getting up before the kids do and having that quiet time before the day starts. Because once the kids are up, it’s difficult to find time to take a breath.

    Posted 9.29.16
  38. YES! I love that your first step is to get yourself ready. That is so important! I feel the same way and always make it a point to do so, even when the hubs takes the kids to school!

    Posted 9.29.16
  39. yess!!! coffee!! and getting dressed. some mornings, i really just want to stay in my pjs but i feel so much better when i get dressed!!

    Posted 9.29.16
  40. Melissa wrote:

    Love this!!! I often come down in my pjs and hours later realize I am still zombie walking through my day! I will have to start changing and taking care of myself before moving on to the days tasks.

    Posted 9.29.16
  41. Good tips! I can’t start anything without first starting with coffee — my favorite drink 🙂 I’d really like to get back into meditating in the a.m., too! Thanks!

    Posted 9.29.16
  42. Erin wrote:

    Tea for me (I have to have my caffeine!), and I switch from pjs to yoga pants, too. I like to start the day with positive thoughts before I even get out of bed, so I try to think of a few things I’m really grateful to have in my life, then I get started on my day.
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

    Posted 9.29.16
  43. I love your smile! i’m not coffee person, i love tea!thank you anyway for advices

    Posted 9.29.16
  44. Christina wrote:

    I think it’s important to change in the morning too but I don’t do it as often as I should being that I’m blogging full time. Staying in my pajamas feels nice. Thanks for the great post!

    Posted 9.29.16
  45. I love getting my day off to a good start. I totally agree with you…quiet time is key! Time praying about the day and reading the Bible gives you such peace and the assurance of extra strength and help from God for whatever comes your way! Great post!

    Posted 9.29.16
  46. Katy wrote:

    I need to start putting on regular clothes instead of staying in my pajamas all day! These are some great tips, and who doesn’t need a nice cup of coffee in the morning?!

    Posted 9.29.16
  47. Anvita wrote:

    I love the first one, it sure does work. I need to work on the second one though.

    Posted 9.29.16
  48. Anna wrote:

    Yes to coffee!!! I also couldn’t agree more about getting yourself ready. When I actually get ready, put my make up on and do my hair I feel so refreshed and ready for the day!

    Posted 9.30.16
  49. Anna wrote:

    Coffee is definitely a must for me to start my mornings on a positive note. I couldn’t agree more about getting yourself ready. When I actually take the time to do my make-up and fix my hair I feel so much better!

    Posted 9.30.16
  50. I found this blog via Instagram and that BEAUTIFUL picture of the EcoBrew. Love that pop of red. As a SAHM of 3, daily reading and coffee are so vital to my day. This was a great post! Thank you for your tips on how to start the morning.

    Posted 9.30.16
  51. Yes! Mornings are so important, and even more so since I’ve become a mama. I need to get up before Harper! And yes to lots and lots of coffee 😉

    Posted 9.30.16
  52. For me sitting in silence with my own thoughts and then watching tv before jumping up and going makes me happy. I tend to watch a half hour episode of something that makes me laugh. It starts me off on a good note.

    Posted 10.3.16
  53. Lauren wrote:

    Waking up early is a must for me! I also love a little morning me time and coffee is a MUST. 🙂

    Posted 10.4.16
  54. Coffee and prayer is the way to start my day on a high!

    Coming Up Roses

    Posted 10.7.16
  55. I love these tips, every one of them has been so important for me too. Speaking of which, although it’s Saturday, I really should go get out of pajamas :o) Love that coffee maker and that you can use your own coffee!

    Posted 10.22.16
  56. Savannah wrote:

    Getting yourself ready is SUCH a big deal. Even if you’re not going anywhere that day, it just feels good to be in some fresh clothes. And, of course, cannot forget the coffee! Great morning routine in my book <3 Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 11.2.16
  57. Laura wrote:

    Ok, so I had already figured out the get up and get ready (with coffee, of course) bf my kids get up. It’s a must and now, if I don’t do it, my day is all funky. I would like to know what you read during your morning ME time?
    Second, I really want help getting a schedule down for myself. I’m chronically ill so I could stay in bed all day if I had nothing to do but it’s not exactly fulfilling. Does anyone have a schedule they adhere to that they could share?

    Posted 1.9.17

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