3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up a Bathroom

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Are you a Pinterest Fail Mom, like me? If so, read below for 3 easy ways to spruce up a bathroom!

I will be the first to admit that I’m a full-time member of the Pinterest Fail Moms Club. I don’t have the best eye for home decor and I absolutely suck at DIY! This doesn’t stop me from attempting many Pinterest-inspired projects. But, at the same time, I’m fully aware of my status as a Pinterest Fail Mom. Any of you with me? No, just me? Haha.

Regardless of my sad attempts at Pinterest projects, I’ve found simple ways to add some color and style to different parts of our home. Here are 3 easy ways to spruce up a bathroom:

1.) Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? A vase of your favorite blooms can brighten up any room. Our main floor bathroom is an interior room without any windows, so I’m always looking for ways to brighten up the room. Fresh flowers are a great way to add some color and cheer, without any fuss over a Pinterest DIY project!

bathroom 4

2.) Potpourri Bowl

This bowl is from HomeGoods. I fill it with different bags of scented potpourri throughout the year. It’s a great way to keep the room fresh and adds an aesthetically pleasing element, too! Again, it’s Pinterest Fail Proof! Super easy to open a bag and fill the bowl with your favorite scents. Right now, ours is filled with a pumpkin spice, fallen leaves scent. [Seriously, how is summer over?!]

bathroom 3

3.) Bathroom Stand

A simple bathroom stand is functional and an easy way to accessorize the room. We keeps ours stocked with extra hand towels, candles, tissues, and toilet paper.




Do you have any tips for a Pinterest Fail Mom like me? I’d love some advice on how to decorate the rest of our house!

3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up A Bathroom

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3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up A Bathroom



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  1. Emily wrote:

    Fresh flowers is such a great way to spruce up any room! I have flowers from our yard on our kitchen table right now and I love the splash of color. Bonus points when you can go out to the garden to cut them. 🙂

    Posted 9.6.16
  2. candy wrote:

    I never think about putting flowers in the bathroom. Great ideas.

    Posted 9.6.16
  3. Katie wrote:

    I love these ideas, especially fresh flowers!! So adorable 🙂

    Posted 9.6.16
  4. Jen G wrote:

    Easy and effective…love it!

    Posted 9.6.16
  5. Emma wrote:

    Love these ideas!

    Posted 9.6.16
  6. Fresh scents and flowers are a go to for my bathroom! I also love it when it is freshly cleaned, and everything is in its place! Thank you for sharing!

    Posted 9.6.16
  7. Great ideas! I LOVE putting fresh flowers in the bathroom. Always adds a nice touch.

    Posted 9.6.16
  8. I think your bathroom may be more beautiful than my bedroom! Haha! I need to implement some of these things all throughout my house!

    Posted 9.6.16
  9. Anna wrote:

    I love this especially the fresh flowers! My bathroom is so dull right now and needs some of this.

    Posted 9.6.16
  10. Ashley wrote:

    I’m totally a Pinterest Fail Mom, but these ideas I could do! I love the idea of fresh flowers in the bathroom, and will have to pick some up at Trader Joe’s today for that very purpose. This is great!

    Posted 9.6.16
  11. Aditi wrote:

    All great ideas … I’ve been thinking about changing up things. Let me see what I can apply from here.

    Posted 9.6.16
  12. Love the ideas! I’m always looking for different ways to change up my bathroom between the seasons 🙂

    Posted 9.6.16
  13. Emily wrote:

    Love the fresh flowers idea!

    Xx, Emily

    Posted 9.6.16
  14. Brittany wrote:

    A popurie bowl is a great idea! I don’t know why I never thought of that. And Charmin is totally the best!

    Posted 9.6.16
  15. Girlfriend, I seriously thought I was the only one whose DIY attempts were laughable. So glad I’m not alone! Fresh flowers always brighten my day, and I keep them in our downstairs bathroom at all times, too.

    Posted 9.6.16
  16. Shannon wrote:

    Great tips! Love the flowers and the Charmin!

    Posted 9.6.16
  17. Cait wrote:

    Love these little hacks! Especially fresh flowers; perfect for any space.

    – Cait | http://www.prettyandfun.com

    Posted 9.6.16
  18. Sarah wrote:

    Great ideas! I love fresh flowers!

    Posted 9.6.16
  19. Meghan wrote:

    Such an easy way to spruce up a bathroom. Thanks for the tips!

    Meghan | BeyondBasicBlog.com

    Posted 9.6.16
  20. chanel wrote:

    These are such great ideas! I haven’t thought to make a potpourri bowl but am totally doing it since we are redoing our guest bedroom!

    Posted 9.6.16
  21. Fresh flowers feel so luxurious in a bathroom — even a couple of wildflowers adds a special touch.

    Posted 9.6.16
  22. Shahla wrote:

    These are such great ideas! We have a potpourri bowl but never thought to add fake flowers! Brilliant!!

    Posted 9.6.16
  23. KP wrote:

    Fresh flowers in the bathroom is such a good idea!! Tulips are a perfect fit too – since they have such long stems 🙂

    Posted 9.6.16
  24. SO adorable!

    Posted 9.6.16
  25. andrea wrote:

    I love tulips and I never thought to put them in my bathroom.

    Posted 9.6.16
  26. Flowers in the bathroom is something I see and always think, “ooh how fancy!” but never do myself. You’re absolutely right, it’s such an easy way to spruce up the bathroom!

    Posted 9.6.16
  27. Lauren wrote:

    Haha! Pinterest fail moms! I love it! And I think your tips are great!

    Posted 9.6.16
  28. Stefanie wrote:

    I never thought to put fresh flowers in my bathroom. I love it!

    Posted 9.7.16
  29. I love this idea, however I don’t think putting flowers in a bathroom is a good idea when you have no window and the room is humid. But I do like your idea. xx

    Posted 9.7.16
  30. Dr. Daisy wrote:

    Ha! I am part of the same Pinterest Fail group 🙂 They make it look so easy until we try and fail..LOL
    Love the simply tips to spruce up a bathroom..will try to add some of those although our guest bathroom is also the kid’s bathroom so flowers would not survive in that room a day if at all 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 9.7.16
  31. I’ve never thought to put fresh flowers in my bathroom. That’s a really good idea. Potpourri bowls are my favorite!

    Posted 9.7.16
  32. Jacki Q wrote:

    Fresh flowers make all the difference! I love the way you threw this together! My bathroom is in serious need of some help. Maybe I should actually go look at my Pinterest boards hahaha

    Posted 9.7.16
  33. Yvonne wrote:

    I always try to have freshly cut flowers at home and an orchid in my bathroom! I think it makes the home more inviting! Thanks for the ideas – I will check Pinterest!

    Posted 9.7.16
  34. I am all about fresh flowers all through the house, even in the bathroom. They really do make everything feel more light and airy. Great post!

    Sara Kate Styling

    Posted 9.7.16
  35. Sumer wrote:

    These are perfect ideas! So simple, yet add so much! I’m inspired to add some fresh flowers in my bathroom now 🙂

    Posted 9.7.16
  36. I need a new stand for my toilet paper 😉 Thanks for the reminder. It’s always nice to have a fresh bathroom. I try to keep things off the counter so I purchased containers that had a suction cup to hang on the mirror at IKEA!

    Posted 9.7.16
  37. Love these tips! Simple, easy and effective! I need things to be as simple as possible and these are doable. 🙂

    Posted 9.7.16
  38. suzanne wrote:

    I’m such a sucker for fresh flowers for any room in my home. You just can’t beat them! So pretty.

    Posted 9.7.16
  39. Maggie wrote:

    These are such great ideas! I love the fresh flowers! I don’t think I have spruced our bathroom since we moved in, maybe it’s time! Especially since our tub is basically my mommy only hideaway!

    Posted 9.7.16
  40. Great tips – and so simple! I love adding fresh flowers around the house as it really breathes new life into a room!

    Posted 9.8.16
  41. Simple and adorable. I love the flowers. I have a large bathroom sink space wise but not floor wise. Flowers would be perfect

    Posted 9.9.16

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