Simple & Classic Style: Black and White

Are you all about the classics? You can never go wrong with black and white!

Happy August! Eek! I turn 33 in less than two weeks! WOWZA. How time flies! Anyway, today’s outfit inspiration is all about the classics, black and white!


OMG I totally need to work on my serious face and pose. LOL.

Black and white are staples in my closet, as I’m sure it is a go to color combo for many of you. Simple and classic, you can never go wrong with these two colors, right?!

It’s still hotter than heck most days, but I work in an office blasting A/C all day. I’m usually in pants or jeans on work days, even when at the home office. I love that I can have flexibility in work attire, although, sometimes I push it too far. (AKA not getting changed out of PJs, HAHA).

black and white 3

These wedges by Cole Haan are SO comfortable. I’ve never gone wrong with CH footwear and wedges are always so comfortable compared to other heel styles. I’ve linked the newer style here as well.


black and white

The white jeans you’ve seen before because they’re my absolute favorite JBrand Skinny Jeans. They are so comfortable and so versatile. They’re a staple in my summer wardrobe.


The blouse is by Lush (a brand readily available at Nordstrom). The fit is great and you can never go wrong with a flowy top. Best part, it’s on sale over at Nordstrom Rack right now! There’s also a similar top by Joie that I absolutely love, too!


I received another RocksBox set and I think I’m in love with all of the pieces! As you guys know, I’m not good at accessorizing, so simplicity is key for me. I absolutely love this piece by House of Harlow since it goes with just about any top or dress. It’s definitely a subtle, but pretty addition to any outfit.

Don’t forget to use code SIMPLYEVERYBLOGXOXO for ONE FREE MONTH at RocksBox! 

MOM (2)

Happy Tuesday! Now tell me, who doesn’t love wearing black and white?!


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  1. Michaela wrote:

    Such a simple, but classic outfit. These are definitely great staples to have in your closet.


    Posted 8.2.16
  2. Miri wrote:

    You rocked that outfit!

    Posted 8.2.16
  3. Leslie wrote:

    I’m loving this outfit! Black and white are my go to colors I have a closet full of them. Hah, I work in an office that usually keeps the AC set on 65, so a little bit of sleeve is a must.

    Posted 8.2.16
  4. Mamaguru wrote:

    Super cute, but not too fussy for a mom. Great classic look!

    Posted 8.2.16
  5. I love that it looks so comfy. I am all about cute and comfy.

    Posted 8.2.16
  6. Madeline wrote:

    Black and white is my go to when I don’t know what to wear! I love your white jeans here, perfect for summer

    Posted 8.2.16
  7. Kamara wrote:

    Black and white is always a good look! Love the skinny jeans, especially.


    Posted 8.2.16
  8. Chelsea wrote:

    So true!!! I LOVE the black and white look (:

    Posted 8.2.16
  9. Roxy wrote:

    I totally agree. You can NEVER go wrong with a black and white outfit! It will always be chic and stylish

    Posted 8.2.16
  10. Kim wrote:

    33 never looked so good!!! I love those pants! You are rocking those. Could I pull them off as I approach 40??? 🙂

    Posted 8.2.16
  11. Grady wrote:

    You look great! I’ve heard awesome things about J Brand, but I’ve yet to bite the bullet and try them! Love this pair, though!

    Posted 8.2.16
  12. I am on the simple side when is comes to my fashion sense. Black and white are def staples in my closet!

    Posted 8.2.16
  13. Ruthie wrote:

    Black and white is my fave! You look amazing!!

    Posted 8.2.16
  14. Janelle wrote:

    Phew girl, those jeans are fierce on you!

    Posted 8.2.16
  15. Great outfit! There is nothing classier than a black and white outfit in my opinion!

    Posted 8.2.16
  16. Gorgeous pictures! I’m in love with the setting and the outfit. You can never go wrong with a classic black & white combo!

    Posted 8.2.16
  17. Phyllis wrote:

    Happy almost birthday! Very cute outfit!

    Posted 8.2.16
  18. courtney wrote:

    Black & white truly are classics! You can never go wrong when you start an outfit with one of those basics. You look gorgeous!

    La Belle Sirene

    Posted 8.2.16
  19. Amanda wrote:

    I’m all about simple! Love this look girl!

    xo, Amanda |

    Posted 8.2.16
  20. Ariana wrote:

    I’m right there with you. You can never go wrong with B&W, although I don’t wear white pants because I’m so afraid I’m going to get them dirty with food, haha!

    BTW, you totally don’t look like you’ll be 33 this month. Stop lying to us, girl. LOL!

    Posted 8.2.16
  21. Sheila wrote:

    I love a good simple black and white outfit! Also, those wedges look adorable!

    Posted 8.2.16
  22. Diedre wrote:

    Girl you were rocking that look. Hey, we’re the same age! I’ll be 33 September 27th. I love everything about your blog. Fan for life.

    Posted 8.2.16
  23. Stacy wrote:

    This is me to a tee! Black and white is perfection and you are rocking this outfit!

    Posted 8.2.16
  24. Melanie wrote:

    Those wedges are SO cute! What a great classic and elegant look!

    Posted 8.2.16
  25. Aly wrote:

    I’m obsessed with black and white outfits! You look great!

    Posted 8.2.16
  26. I love the black and white and the wedges!

    Emma |

    Posted 8.2.16
  27. Lauren wrote:

    You look amazing, mama! And I have an August birthday too! Cheers to a fellow Leo! 😉

    Posted 8.2.16
  28. Cait wrote:

    Love how simple, but pretty this outfit is! Those wedges are super cute, too.

    – Cait |

    Posted 8.2.16
  29. Ashley wrote:

    This is such a great outfit! Classic and gorgeous on you of course!

    Posted 8.2.16
  30. Amanda wrote:

    Love how you dressed up an otherwise simple black and white outfit with the jewelry and cute shoes! I hope you’ll stop by and join the Good HUES-Day link up today 🙂


    Posted 8.2.16
  31. Diana wrote:

    Classic is really timeless! Love it!

    Posted 8.3.16
  32. This is such a simple and sophisticated outfit. I love that you look so put together – perfect for work or dinner with a friend. I LOVE those wedges!

    Posted 8.3.16
  33. I love simple and elegant you look great also love the necklace it works perfect!

    Posted 8.3.16
  34. Mal wrote:

    You look adorable!! Love this look!!

    Posted 8.3.16
  35. Love the classic colors! You can never go wrong with black and white.

    Posted 8.3.16
  36. Kara wrote:

    Black and white is definitely a timeless combo. I always love a good fitting pair of white pants. So chic

    Posted 8.3.16
  37. I adore this outfit! I wish I could pull off white pants, but I am a country girl and they would be brown by the end of the day! haha! The top is definitely something I need in my wardrobe!

    Posted 8.3.16
  38. i LOVE white pants and I love your way of pairing them with the black top you look great!

    Posted 8.3.16
  39. Such a simple and classy outfit. I love black and white. I’m also slightly obsessed with white and navy blue combos. 🙂

    Posted 8.3.16
  40. Jenna wrote:

    This looks so put together! Love it!

    Posted 8.3.16
  41. Milena wrote:

    Black and white never go out of style. They are a totally classic combo that I fall back on every season.

    Posted 8.3.16
  42. I love wedges .This looks fun ,cool and very pretty.Black and white has an elegance and fresh factor at all times.The J brand jeans I adored.

    Posted 8.4.16
  43. Lindsey wrote:

    Such a cute outfit! I am ALL about the classics!

    Posted 8.4.16
  44. Suzanne wrote:

    You just can’t go wrong with black and white! Love.

    Posted 8.4.16
  45. Veronica wrote:

    Black and white suits you so much and it actually always works. Perfect combination for most occasions.

    Posted 8.6.16
  46. Even it’s simple.. But it looks super nice.. Great one.. Gorgeous..Suite very much!

    Posted 8.8.16

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