Making the Hard Days Easier

Some days are hard days.

Last Sunday was one of those parenting days. You know, the ones that completely drain you emotionally, physically, mentally. It’s been a while since our last one. And usually, it’s only one of us that’s down for the count. But, it was one of those EPIC days, that had both me and my husband drained and defeated.


We’re both zombies because our otherwise great sleeper decided 3am was appropriate for party time (turned cry session if either of us tried to leave his room). Coupled with a rush over to church, crappy naps, whining, attitude, tears, and drama from two energetic little boys who need activity, attention, and nourishment. WOOF. For real, Sunday was a hard day.

No joke, I think we started the bedtime countdown at noon.

No one ever said parenting is easy. Heck, it’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life. Every day is a different adventure and just when I think I have it figured out, parenting throws you a curve ball out of left field.

Needless to say anything to make our days as parents easier, we embrace with our whole hearts.

We rely on each other.

It’s easy to do on the good days. But, it’s the hard days that make me realize how lucky we are to have one another. My husband and I tag team all baby duties, including diaper changes with a toddler who is off running any chance he gets. And any time we can give each other a break to recharge, we try to give each other grace, even when our patience tanks are running on empty.



hard days 2

hard days 3

We embrace the hard days.

In the midst of these hard days, I realize our blessings. It’s not so easy to see when you’re in the thick of parenting, but the sweetest moments are found throughout our hard days. And after bedtime, we both weep over our glasses of wine. We vent about how we were crappy parents and lament to each other about what we could’ve done differently. And scroll through pictures from the day, cooing over our babies. Oh parenting guilt. It never ends. Parenting isn’t easy, but it’s ALL so, so worth it.

hard days

We stock up on everything.

Shopping swiftly and shopping in bulk is a huge time-saver for us. It helps immensely to be stocked up on food and all of our baby and childcare goods, especially when the little ones are having a crabby day.

Making The Hard Days Easier

Making The Hard Days Easier

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  1. AJ Angsley wrote:

    I will have a good sleep at night (if that’s possible!).

    Posted 8.23.16
  2. candy wrote:

    Yes there are hard days, all it takes is that hug or excitement when they show you something or accomplish something. Not suppose to be easy, oh so worth every moment.

    Posted 8.24.16
  3. jehava wrote:

    These are great tips and I love your honesty for the hard days with little ones. We all have them.

    Posted 8.24.16
  4. Heather wrote:

    What a sweet post! And so true!

    Posted 8.24.16
  5. Bedtime countdown from noon? Sheesh. That is a bad day. Hope this is a good one.

    Posted 8.24.16
  6. Rachel wrote:

    Aw! I’m sorry it was such a hard day. I’m glad you’ve found some ways to make it easier.

    Posted 8.24.16
  7. what a great post! I can so relate mama!

    Posted 8.24.16
  8. We totally tag team on the hard days. Sometimes I just have to get up and leave the room…go outside and sit on the porch or something. And then I come back, refreshed, and I’m ready to take over so my husband can go do the same! The hard days are SO HARD!

    Posted 8.24.16
  9. Oh gosh Momma, I feel ya! Some days are just so crazy that as soon as Hubby walks in the door from work I have to tap out and give myself a time out in my room!

    Posted 8.24.16
  10. Lauren wrote:

    Great post! It is hard to keep up after a run of sleepless nights.. so I feel ya there!

    Posted 8.24.16
  11. He is ADORABLE! I’m glad you two (husband) are working so well as a team. As they say, these days don’t last long. Hang in there… and enjoy!

    Posted 8.24.16
  12. Charlie wrote:

    So nice to read a post where it’s obvious you guys help each other as parents! So lovely to read, hope your little ones back to sleepy self soon!

    Posted 8.24.16
  13. Shahla wrote:

    Couldn’t agree more with you about counting the blessings and working as a team! And when all else fails, I hide in my closet!! jk!!! kind of 😉

    Posted 8.24.16
  14. Angelle Marix wrote:

    Oh my goodness!! He is so cute!! Those toddler years seem so long ago for me. I do remember having to keep the day organized and full of activities.


    Posted 8.24.16
  15. Lovely photos, he look like butter wouldn’t melt… I think when toddler are at that age you just need to keep a cool head. xx

    Posted 8.24.16
  16. What a great post and beautiful photos! I survive the hard days with an extra BIG cup of coffee! lol

    Posted 8.24.16
  17. Diedre wrote:

    I know all about those hard days! Those are the days I pack up the girls and get out the house so I don’t go crazy. If I have to finish stuff around the house, I let them watch tv or play on their tablets so I can have some moments of sanity.

    Posted 8.24.16
  18. Love this post! Thanks so much for sharing. There are definitely hard days over here too. It’s nice to know we’re not alone!

    Posted 8.24.16
  19. Such a cutie! We’ve had our fair share of those hard days…I try to steal a few minutes to myself once my husband gets home!

    Posted 8.24.16
  20. I love the way you and your husband rely on each other and work as a team! That makes a huge difference when overcoming moments that aren’t so easy. I hope to have a relationship like that with my future husband.

    Posted 8.24.16
  21. Parenting is not an easy task! We rely on each other as much as possible, and some days, I honestly don’t know how we survive…

    Posted 8.24.16
  22. Lauren wrote:

    First of all, your little one is so stinkin cute! And second, we’ve all totally been there!

    Posted 8.24.16
  23. Oh, girl, you know there is never any judgement from me! We all have those days, and I agree, this parenthood journey is both the roughest and most rewarding I’ve ever embarked upon. Hugs to you! I love your ability to find the positivity amidst the rough patches.

    Posted 8.25.16
  24. I think hard days will always happen, no matter what age! It’s great that you can lean on your significant other when you need to, and I agree about being stocked up on diapers and wipes to avoid any extra stress of running out unexpectedly!

    Posted 8.25.16
  25. Jenna wrote:

    Those hard days stink. But even on the hardest days, I think to myself that its still so much better to have this because even on the absolute worst days there are still moments that are absolutely priceless.

    Posted 8.25.16
  26. Corina wrote:

    Loved the realness in this post! “And after bedtime, we both weep over our glasses of wine.” Lol!! And the pictures are priceless too 😀 Oh those hard days! I definitely rely on the Lord and remember how blessed I am to have children. Helps reset the perspective when the hardness of the moment is weighing down on me.

    Posted 8.25.16
  27. Kiki wrote:

    I think I have one of these days at least once a week! Love Huggies! Thanks for the coupon codes! xoxo

    Posted 8.25.16
  28. Lindsey wrote:

    awww he is so cute! Such a cute post!

    Posted 8.25.16
  29. My husband and I have always tagged team things when raising our children. We have also learned to always stay on the same page so they kids can not play us against each other.

    Posted 8.25.16
  30. Jenni wrote:

    Love Huggies! I’m using the standard now but I might have to give the cruisers a try.

    Posted 8.26.16
  31. Amy wrote:

    Awwww I hear ya, mama! There are days that can be exhausting and just emotionally draining. Praying that there will be an upside soon! We love Huggies too!

    Posted 8.28.16
  32. Stefanie wrote:

    We all have those days! XOXO He’s a cutie!

    Posted 9.7.16
  33. Dawn wrote:

    We all have those days, but I love how you stay positive. these are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 9.7.16
  34. Keala wrote:

    Way to stay positive and embrace the good and the bad. And thanks for the coupon codes. And he is a doll!!

    Posted 9.7.16

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