It’s All in the Details

As I’m trying to re-build my wardrobe, I’ve been selective about the pieces that I add to my new found collection. I try to look for comfort with subtle style and definitely pay attention to the little details that make it feel me, with a twist of different.


Shirt: Clearance Rack at Nordstrom Rack (linked to similar)
I bought both the button down and booties at Nordstrom Rack, one of my favorite stores. The shirt was a steal at $7 and the booties were $24! I love, love, love the lace detail and long length of the shirt. The zippers on both sides of the booties also caught my eye.
I can wear the shirt with a tee for layering on colder days or just by itself as a button down during warmer days. And the booties are good for all seasons in Michigan, minus the sweltering, humid months of July and August.
ย IMG_9800
While I’ll probably wear them with jeans that are a lighter wash in the Spring/Summer months, it’s been cold these days in Michigan, so the dark wash was a nice contrast to the light color of the shirt.
It’s a comfortable, casual outfit with a splash of style and still makes me feel dressier than when I’m in leggings, a major bonus for this work at home mama!
What are the details in clothes you love? Are you a fan of lace? Are you a fan of booties? I’m obsessed!



  1. susan wrote:

    So cute! Love lace! Love booties!

    Published 5.3.16
  2. Ah! I just love all your outfits! So cute & put together. Comfortable & casual with trend. Doesn't get better than that! xx

    Published 5.3.16
  3. Kim Reed wrote:

    I love the idea of layering the sleeveless top. I never thought of that! Cute!

    Published 5.3.16
  4. Cutie! Madewell tees are my favorite…and you can't get any better than J Brand jeans! ????


    Published 5.3.16
  5. I didn't either before this outfit! ๐Ÿ˜› Was a nice change!

    Published 5.3.16
  6. <3 thanks love

    Published 5.3.16
  7. You are so sweet! That's def my go to! Comfy and sort of trendy? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Published 5.3.16
  8. my first time, and i bought five different colors! Love the tees ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 5.3.16
  9. Such a cute outfit! I love that top and the booties

    Published 5.4.16
  10. JeeYoung W wrote:

    thanks mama!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 5.12.16

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