Playground Season is Upon Us


There is no happier feeling than the inaugural ride down the twisty slide.

We, here in Michigan, play the lottery every winter. We know the odds are against us and yet every year we bet against ourselves on when the Spring weather will stick around for more than twelve hours. For 2016, it seems to be this week in Mid-April, where the sun has greeted us (almost) every day.

I needed to get some extra steps in on my non-gym day and A would never refuse a trip to his beloved playground(s). So we I packed up the two kids, diaper bag, stroller, and everything under the kitchen sink for our momentous first trip.

There was laughter ringing in my ears from all around the playground. There was pitter-patter of kids endlessly running out their stir crazy energy bumping beneath my feet. The weather was 60 degrees with a chill in the air, just crisp enough to cool us down after an hour of riding swings, slides, and so much sensory overload (for 9-month-old C).

It was a short and swift hour in the early evening, but an hour very well spent.

It is amazing what a little sunshine and vitamin D can do for mama and toddler souls.

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