about me

wah wife + (2x boy) mom
daughter + sister + friend
korean-amer + polish (by marriage)

suburbs of detroit, michigan
bred here since ’90
#detroithustlesharder proud

This blog is the culmination of a random 5am domain purchase and pure happenstance. While I’ve dabbled in blogging on and off personally, this is my first time delving into the REAL world of blogging. In my short time, I’ve met a wonderful community of bloggers and friends. I love the connections and being personally inspired by so many talented writers and bloggers.

I love to write about all things parenting, motherhood, mom style, and random lifestyle posts to connect, help, and hopefully inspire those who come across my every day posts. And just a few more snippets about my life:

the husband

about me

© West Park Photo

We’ve been together a decade (time flies) and just celebrated our 6th anniversary earlier this fall. Through it all, D has been my rock and still (sometimes) gives me butterflies. Our love story isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but simply is our story we continue to write together, as we navigate our happy chaos of life and parenthood.

the kids


© jenn anibal photography

Our first son, A, turns four later this fall, I can hardly believe how fast time has flown since his birth. Our second son, C, turned one this past summer and is toddling off into everything!

This little place of the internet is where I share my attempt at living life simply, happily every day. Though, I still struggle often, I choose to live thankfully through and by His grace.

Thanks for stopping by!