4 Year Old Milestones: Independent & Imaginative Play with LEGO Juniors

These days, our four year old is always looking for new ways to be challenged. I can see his mind changing at rapid speed. It’s seriously so miraculous seeing your child develop in so many different ways. The last year has been full of cognitive milestones for our four year old.


Independent and imaginative play has been a huge part of his play time. It is so amazing to see his mind grow by leaps and bounds. One of our favorite toys for independent and imaginative play is LEGO Juniors. It encourages confidence and fosters independence in all aspects from building to storytelling. He absolutely loves every LEGO Juniors set! The excitement in his eyes can’t be ignored!



LEGO Juniors is designed to provide just the right amount of challenge and creative play for children ages 4-7. The intuitive, playful instructions help our preschooler build each part of the set on his own. He loves that he can build his sets by himself with just a little guidance from us.

lego-juniors-3 lego-juniors-8


As a mom, it’s been an adjustment from parenting a baby/toddler to a growing little boy. I’m learning to slowly take the back seat, as we try to encourage him to do things on his own. But at the same time, it’s a new and exciting chapter of parenting as I watch his independence grow and flourish.


My favorite part of the LEGO Juniors products is how it encourages imaginative play. The storytelling and play ideas that he creates is simply astounding. Some days, I’ll overhear him playing with his different LEGO toys, telling fun stories and role playing. It truly is a joy to see his mind come alive in so many different ways.


We love the LEGO Juniors toys in our house. LEGO Juniors is the perfect way to grow our preschooler’s independence & confidence. The products are perfectly matched to the building skills of his age & stage.


We love our LEGO Juniors! What are some toys your kids enjoy independent & imaginative play?

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14 thoughts on “4 Year Old Milestones: Independent & Imaginative Play with LEGO Juniors

  1. mr.M

    When I was a child, there was many types of toys, but I only liked to play with Lego blocks. I have many of their model like some houses, oil/gas station, but my favorite was some sort of sea station with sharks and some other animals from sea world…I love this post because you backed me to my happiest days, when my only duty was to play and be happ. Now, I don’t have so much time to play and it’s not for me anymore because I’m on senior year on university, but always I will keep child alive in myself. Thank you for sharing this amazing post

  2. Jacqueline|Mama's Munchkins

    Legos are the best toys ever! Even as a kid, I loved building with lego, and now all my kids also love it! They love creating new things to build, sometimes I have no idea what its even supposed to be, but they have it all figured out. Lego is definitely a favorite in my house!

  3. Meredith

    My little guy just turned 5 and his 4th year was definitely the time when he really started connecting to the world around him. Its amazing to watch, isn’t it? My girl is about to turn 2 and she’s already exploring so differently than he did. But they are both growing up too fast!

  4. Sarah Clouser

    I love legos! My son has never been that into them, but my daughter (4 1/2) just discovered Lego Friends and is in love. So am I! I have a hard time resisting buying her new sets!

  5. Nicole

    Aw he is such a handsome little guy and wow loving these cute lego sets! My girls can play legos for hours it seems, so fun and yay for mom’s and dad’s everywhere!

    xo, Nicole


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