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This post was developed in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. As always, all opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but I was one of those young 20 somethings who completely took body care for granted. I was young and naive; totally unaware that I was neglecting myself in such basic ways. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I slowly began to realize the little aches and pains and overall changes that my body went through the last few years.

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After two pregnancies, L&Ds, and post partum care, I’ve made simple, but essential beauty and lifestyle changes that make a crucial impact on my body and overall health. I like to believe that with age, I’m learning to take care of and love my body.

1.) Drinking Lots of Water for Hydration & Migraine Prevention 

It’s the golden rule of body care, but I’ve never been good about drinking water and staying hydrated. Even though I’ve been a migraine sufferer for most of my adult life, it was a change that I could never make a good habit. After experiencing the most painful migraines during early pregnancy, I made it a routine to drink water regularly throughout my day.


Every morning I try to drink a cup of water, even before my daily cup of coffee. My body feels so refreshed and cleansed when I drink lots of water. It tends to keep my migraines at bay and helps with my eating and overall digestion too.

2.) Applying Lavender Essential Oil for Restful Sleep

At first I thought I was imagining it, but applying lavender essential oil before bed always brings a better night’s sleep. I sleep more deeply and feel much more rested on the nights that I remember to use my lavender oil. I absolutely love the natural scent and at minimum, really calms my mind and body before sleep.

3.) Keeping Up a Workout/Yoga Routine for Fitness & Health

I’ve never been good at keeping up a great gym routine. But, since I’ve had kids, I’ve been so much more conscious about my body care and maintaining a good fitness regiment. It’s easier for me to get to the gym during the warmer months. And I absolutely love jogging around our neighborhood. But, during the winter months (and those lazy months too) I try to at least get in a good half hour of yoga at home. Not only does it do wonders with stretching, but it is my every day me time that brings back my sanity. I feel best when I am going to the gym three times a week. It’s been a few months since I’ve been regular about it and I’m itching to get back to it soon.

4.) Using Natural Products for Beauty & Hygiene

In the last year, I’ve been very conscious of using natural products for my beauty and hygiene routines. From my every day skin care and makeup to my post partum deodorant, natural products are my go-to always! Specifically, when it comes to deodorant, my favorite is Tom’s of Maine. Before pregnancy and babies, I was never a regular deodorant user. Don’t get grossed out, I just didn’t sweat much. But, OH BOY, pregnancy and post partum have definitely changed my body in that department.

I love that Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant contains no aluminum, artificial fragrances or preservatives and no petrochemicals. It provides 24-hour odor protection using odor-fighting hops and the mineral zinc and only natural fragrances like Fresh Apricot and Wild Lavender.

tomsTom’s of Maine is a favorite brand in our house. Their natural products are perfect for our entire family. Tom’s of Maine doesn’t test on animals and has no animal ingredients. With every purchase,  Tom’s of Maine gives 10% of profits back to helping people and the planet.

You can check out Elise’s story here on why she made the switch to Tom’s of Maine.

Today, I’ll be giving away 3  Tom’s of Maine natural deodorants to one of my readers who comments on this post. The winner will be chosen by Dec 1, 2016.


What are some of your body care essentials? 

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21 thoughts on “Lifestyle & Beauty Habits for Body Care

  1. momwithfive

    I absolutely agree with your list.
    For me the first point causes the biggest problem. I can’t drink a lot. I try time after time… but I can’t. But I don’t give up, I alternate the drinks.
    You’ve also mentioned the importance of sport. A half a year ago I started running, it helps maintaining a good fitness regiment.
    As being a mom of five kids, I must be fit and healthy!

  2. Patricia

    This is a fantastic list. I’m no spring chicken anymore LOL. Seriously though these are so important and I’ve always wanted to try this deodorant! I hear nothing but great things about it!

  3. Erika Ortega

    I would love to win this! Been looking for a new deodorant simply because the old ones are just just not working and so many chemicals are involved that I am looking for a more natural option

  4. Kim

    I love this list. I just recommitted to my health this week after indulging too much! Exercise and water on topping my list! Also, LAVENDER! It’s the best for so much – restful sleep, anxiety, allergies, etc. Great post, my friend!

  5. chanel

    i relate to this post so much and KNOW i need to practice these things but this year has been a whirlwind. i am definitely going to strive in 2017 to change my lifestyle for the better!

  6. Nicole

    Such great tips. I really need to do better about drinking more water. I just bought a sack of lemons to add to my water first thing in the morning so hopefully I can get that going again. I love the tip about lavender as well so I’ll give that a try tonight.

    My sister-in-law mentioned this deodorant to me. It’s really piqued my interest and I would love to give it a try.

  7. Willow

    I drink water with lemon juice daily also. I am going to have to give lavender a try for better sleep. I have essential oils in my cupboard, but don’t use them enough! Tom’s of Maine is my go-to brand of toothpaste, but I have yet to try their deodorant.

  8. Jessica Sheppard

    These are fab tips to take better care. It’s easy to prefer others and not be as concerned about our own health sometimes. I love to use lavender.’s so relaxing and I work to drink at least 80 oz of water daily. It really does make a difference in how I feel. Wonderful post!


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