My Perfect Mess: Fall Crafts for Kids & Their Pinterest Fail Mom


Need a Halloween craft idea to do with your kids? Read below for My Perfect Mess – inspired easy fall crafts!


Happy One Week until Halloween, Friends! Today, your go-to Pinterest Fail Mom (me!) has an easy Fall craft that you can enjoy with your little ones as you get into the spirit of Halloween!

My kids, especially my Threenager, LOVE arts and crafts. Finger painting is a common activity in our house that keeps both kids busy for some time. (Cue Angels Singing!) It may be messy, but it’s definitely fun and of course, it’s easy for us non-crafty moms!

my perfect mess 2

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Variety of finger paints (non-toxic!)
  • Paper plates
  • Halloween printouts
  • White mini pumpkins 
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cup of water
  • Paper Towels and Wipes

my perfect mess 3

Seriously, the set up is so easy! Just pour small amounts of paint onto the paper plates and let your kids go to town on the printable and pumpkins!

img_3107 img_3124

I’ve learned in my almost four years of parenting to just let go and live in the moment with most things in life. One of those things is to know that having a clean kitchen (or house for that matter!) isn’t likely to happen until my kids are in college. And in all honesty, I’m totally okay with it!


I want to look back on these years of parenting my babies and know that I spent the time enjoying the moments. I want to remember laughing with them and getting messy with them. Because that’s what matters in life. This is truly “my perfect mess,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

img_3137 img_3120

Have you guys heard of STAINMASTER®? Their floors stands up to the wear and tear of everyday life, so we can live comfortably in our homes. They’re currently running a contest called My Perfect Mess, that encourages you to show just how beautiful and messy our lives can be. Those messy moments can in fact be a “perfect mess.” All you have to do is share your own perfect mess on social media using the #MyPerfectMess hashtag and tagging @STAINMASTER.

Oh and did I mention that at the end of the contest, they’re going to select three lucky winners to receive free flooring for a room in their home plus a $500 retail gift card?! Click HERE to learn more about the campaign and contest.

My Perfect Mess is spending an afternoon with my two boys and enjoying a simple activity, getting messy, all while laughing creating works of toddler art!

Thanks to
STAINMASTER® and their My Perfect Mess contest for sponsoring today’s post. As always the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

Don’t forget to enter the My Perfect Mess contest by sharing your own perfect mess on social media using the #MyPerfectMess hashtag and tagging @STAINMASTER.




28 thoughts on “My Perfect Mess: Fall Crafts for Kids & Their Pinterest Fail Mom

  1. Zan Turner

    Ha ha, I love it! The kids look like they are having so much fun! I agree about the Pinterest fail… It does not take much great ideas to make a good kid activity!! My Perfect Mess sounds like a perfect idea to me because well, lately that is exactly how I would describe our crafts and activities. Paint in hair, on faces, all over the place. Thanks for the inspiration – glad I am not alone.

  2. Rose

    Even if you can’t live with a messy house you know your kids had the most fun ever using that paint and painting their pumpkins! I think when they are little painting a pumpkin is more fun then watching mom cut and carve the pumpkin.

  3. Lisa | The Merry Momma

    Thank you for the reminder that memories and moments are more important than spotless houses! I have not been brave enough to try activities that result in messes, but I know my son would enjoy them. I needed this reminder of what’s more lasting and important in motherhood. While I do think a reasonably clean home is important for a comfortable environment, enjoying time together in that home is pretty darn important, too. 🙂

  4. Ayanna

    Love it! I know my kids enjoy finger painting , yet the mess does scare me at times. 🙂 But this is definitely a perfect mess! With all the mini pumpkins around, we’ll have to do this soon.

  5. Malissa

    So cute 😊 love your photography skills and those pumpkins are adorable! Awesome giveaway from stainmaster!!!!

    I can’t wait to do more light and fun posts after my series is over!!!!


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