My Kind of Happy Hour

Today wasn’t a good day for me.

You know, those days when everything is out of place? Nothing is in order and you’re so out of it, you don’t even feel like yourself? On top of all that, you make things worse by procrastinating the entire day? Yeah, it was one of those days.

I’m under the weather and I’m sleep deprived of my own volition. I have tons of work and deadlines that won’t budge. My house is a disaster and I have an infinite amount of dirty laundry.


It’s not anything new in the list of everyday [mom] tasks, but I think it’s the combination of ALLTHETHINGS that weighs me down like I have a ticking time bomb on my back. I barely managed to survive until the end of my work day.

But, instead of working past 5pm, I shut off my laptop and went down to the basement.

And I played with my babies.

We rolled around and wrestled. I kissed them and hugged them. And we just laughed and laughed. I swear I squeezed every bit of their energy into my body.

And I needed it. Oh, I so desperately needed it.

Not in the way that we count down to a glass of wine after we (figuratively) throw our kids in bed for the night. It wasn’t my kids that drained me today. It was life. And my reprieve from it all was the magical hour of playing with my kids.

It might be totally cliché for a thirty-something mom of two young kids to feel or say. But it’s just my truth.

This is my kind of happy hour.



30 thoughts on “My Kind of Happy Hour

  1. Candace @ Fullest Mom

    I’ve had moments like this. Oddly enough, on the days I say, ok I’m just going to take it easy and play, are the days I get the most done. The days that are strategically planned seem to fail. I feel it’s meant to be that way.

    Bless you mama and I’m glad you got to laugh for a little bit.

  2. Steph

    Oh my heart needed this. Last week I had a day where I had so many deadlines and I had so much to do and was overwhelmed but instead I took the day off and spent it with my kids and it totally prepared my mind and heart to be much more focused next day!

  3. Lisa

    Aw yes, sometimes just watching your kids giggle and playing is all you need to boost your mood! I have those days too and snuggles from my daughter make it all ok again!

  4. Sane Mama

    I feel the exact same way! When I’m having a stressful day, it is so awesome to lose myself in play with the littles. Chasing them or tickling them until they can’t take it anymore. Best of all, I love snuggle them so tight and smell their sweetness 🙂

  5. Amy

    This is a breath of fresh air because Ive been feeling the exact same way, especially with the holiday season coming up (yikes!) Thank you for sharing your heart and don’t forget that time for yourself. So important to have that ME time 😉 xoxo!

  6. Vanessa

    Oh my goodness YES!!!!!! Life can totally beat you down in so many ugly ways and babies/kiddos have the sweetest way of turning it around and making you smile and feel good. Being a working mama and a full-time mama is a super hard, exhausting job but just remember, you are kicking butt! <3 You are a beautiful mama to beautiful children and you can do whatever is set in front of you. xoxo

  7. cara

    My husband and I did this yesterday evening. We both had a rough day with work and going outside and jumping on the trampoline with our boys was just what the doctor ordered. It was so fun and nice to get away from all the worries. Great post!

  8. Gloryanna

    No cliche’ at all, momma. Totally relatable and something that is definitely worth it! It’s amazing how we can let our “To-Do’s” bog us down all the time!

  9. Jessica Kindberg

    This made me smile SO much! 🙂 I think we miss these moments more often than we should just due to being overwhelmed by all we have on our shoulders. Thanks for this awesome reminder!

  10. Nicole Banuelos

    I know these days all too well. As I read this I can see my never ending pile of laundry to the side of me, screaming to be washed. lol I love your happy hour, I believe its also my favorite kind of happy hour too!

  11. Angela Kim

    I have those days too….very frequently! At least you wrestle with them and play with them– I tell my kids mommy needs a break and lock myself in my office. I was able to do that on my 11 and 9 year old, I can’t do that on my 3 months old so he is locked in the office with me for now. lol

    Hang in there mama, there will be plenty of those days…but we come out of it stronger. You got this!

  12. Sheila

    I love this! This is what I did the other day! Between getting my website up and running and trying to get out a post (not to mention anything and everything going wrong when trying to post it) I finally just shut down my computer and spent the rest of the day with my son! It was so refreshing and much needed!

  13. Kelsi H

    Good for you for taking time with your family. My happy hour is cuddling up with my husband on the couch after work to watch an episode of our fave show. We don’t really speak, but it’s so comforting. Sometimes I get a foot rub, lol!


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