When Your Baby Starts Walking: Second Child Edition

Do you remember when your baby started walking? What about your second, third, fourth, etc.? 

I still can’t believe my baby is one year old! Along with his big birthday a couple of weeks ago, we hit the big milestone of walking. Our youngest is constantly moving since he started crawling at 8 months! Huggies Little Movers are our go-to diaper to keep him (and us) dry and comfortable as he becomes more and more mobile.

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed as our second child hit this major milestone!


1.) It’s still SO exciting!

Even though this is our second time around, it’s still so exciting to see our baby take his first steps and squeal with joy over his newfound skill. I think the beauty of parenthood is seeing life through your children’s eyes and the excitement of that never fades. We can see him light up with pride as he takes longer and longer strides. And my eyes are filled each and every time. Oh motherhood, you’re full of ALL THE TEARS.

2.) We’re much more hands-off!

As a second child, C probably has a few more bumps and scratches than when his big bro started walking. But, I guess that’s probably the norm for second (and subsequent) children. We’re two “veteran” parents who let him wander a bit more freely than we did the first time! We’re definitely more relaxed and not jumping up every time he falls down!


3.) Baby Milestone Journals, what!? 

I try my best to keep a record of his milestones, but I won’t lie, I don’t have a detailed journal like I had as a first time parent. I know vague time ranges of when he’s hit certain milestones. Like, I do know that he started cruising against furniture a few months ago, but didn’t start taking his first steps until just before his birthday. I’m keeping it real guys, it’s not like being able to give you the exact date and time of when his big brother took his first steps (11 months and 2 days.) Oh the woes of being a second child and beyond, haha.

walking 2

4.) We’ve conquered leaking diapers!

As I mentioned earlier, C’s been on the go since he started crawling at 8 months. Huggies Little Movers are a life saver to keeping him (and us) dry all day and night long. Seriously, we haven’t had any leaking issues and no major blow outs this time around! He can be all over the place, all day long and these diapers get the job done!

huggies 3

They are super comfortable, soft and lightweight. Most importantly, Huggies Little Movers provide great leak-proof coverage for babies who are constantly on the go.

huggies 2

5.) Great baby deals at Walmart Neighborhood Market

Moms, check out your local Walmart Neighborhood Market where you can get all of your baby and child care needs for Walmart Supercenter prices. Who isn’t always looking for great deals on diapers?! On top of Walmart Neighborhood Market‘s great every day prices, you can also use the coupons below for an even bigger discount!

walking 5

If you have a little mover and want to give them a try, here’s a $2 coupon for Huggies diapers good through December 31, 2016! And here’s a $.50 coupon for Huggies wipes good through August 7th, 2016!

Head to your local Walmart Neighborhood Market to pick some up for your walking baby!

So, what are some differences you’ve noticed about baby milestones, the second (or more) time around?

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51 thoughts on “When Your Baby Starts Walking: Second Child Edition

  1. Stephanie Flores

    How cute, I am going through this stage at the moment with my 8 month old, who is my second! He is starting to pull up on everything now and he’s definitely on the move. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Kim

    Love this! And it’s so true about being hands off. I loved seeing how different she would be than her brother! We are passed diapers as she is almost 3, but I remember the new walker stages like it was yesterday.

  3. Tineke - workingmommyabroad

    So cute! Ours hasn’t started yet, not an inch ;). He’s slowly starting to make some crawl movements but not very enthusiastically yet, so very excited for these milestones! (But don’t have a diary either despite of him being the first ;))

    1. JeeYoung Post author

      Awww yea C was a bit later than his big brother, but I figured he’d figure it out on his own time. And I wanted him to stay little for a little longer!

  4. Erica

    Walking is such an incredible milestone! Congrats on having a big boy. And having more things to do now that you’re going to be chasing him around lol.

  5. Rebecca Cofino

    Welcome to the Wonderful Ones! It’s been a while since my kiddos were that age, so I son’t remember the specifics as well, but I remember it as being a magical year. Also, you are going to on your toes a lot.

  6. Angela

    It’s so funny how different it is when you have your second! You’re a pro now and it sounds like you know what products work best for you and the family! Your little Camden is such a cutie!

  7. Nicole Banuelos

    Ahh, we are going through this now with my 10 month old. And yes, everything is different with the second, third (and so on) children. lol

    Your little guy is just adorable!

  8. Ashley Solberg

    For me first, I wanted her to walk as quickly as possible. For my second, being, twins, I was like,” please crawl for ever and ever” thinking once it started, I was in trouble with two! Big Huggies fans for the walking age for sure!

  9. Lauren

    Cute post! My son started walking just over age 1 as well! He’s a lot smaller (dwarfism) so it’s so weird to me to see how big your son is (even though he’s totally not big lol)!

  10. Amber Battishill

    Aww, he’s SO cute!! I’m so much more laid back about EVERYTHING with our second. I’m nervous for both of my kids to be that mobile since they’re already a handful.

  11. Andi

    It’s so true! My baby started walking as well and I’m surprised at how much I love it and how much more at ease I am. I used to helicopter around my first son because I was always so worried about him falling, but we are way more secure this time around which makes it easier to fully enjoy it all.


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