Simple Picks: Stripes and Shorts

Believe it or not, in this great Mitten state, we were freezing our toes off with day time highs of 50 degrees this past weekend. Yep, that’s in May. The middle of May. Aren’t you so jealous? Meanwhile earlier in the week, we were sweating through a humid 80 degree day. I mean seriously, you’re totally jealous. I know.

On the summer-like day, I ended up taking a few pictures just because I love the bright and warmth of yellow on my button down. I now know that it was meant to be a warning for bad weather; because I’m sitting here writing about last week’s outfit hoping it conjures up some warm weather vibes this week.


Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft (old, but linked to similar pair)

Yellow is my favorite color since long ago in childhood. It’s always represented a ‘happy’ color to me. I admit there are a few shades of yellow that make me cringe, but this bright and sunny yellow is my absolute favorite. Ironically, this shirt is one of the few yellow pieces of clothing I own. I’m working on correcting that mistake now, much to my husband’s joy of my recent shopping obsession.


The shirt is so lightweight and comfortable, it doesn’t feel like a traditional, boxy button down. And the roll-cuff option of the sleeve? Yep, this was an off the hanger purchase for me. Plus, it’s by Splendid and I’ve always had the best experience of quality and durability with this brand. A requirement for me as a mom of two lil boys.

stripes2-2-623x1024 stripes-2-636x1024

Maybe you’ve noticed, but I’m not huge into accessories or jewelry aside from my daily staples. It’s not that I don’t want to be, but I’ve just never mastered the art of being able to make it all look right. So, while shopping for comfort and simplicity, I like looking for little details that make a statement in place of added accessories. And come on seriously, who doesn’t love stripes? As a boy mom, I can attest to the fact that stripes are the end-all, be-all option, especially for little boy clothing options. (That’s a post for another day).


The shorts are also super comfortable and a great length. I have long-ish legs so I usually have a hard time finding shorts that are the right length. Most are way too short for my comfort and others feel way too long. I love that this pair has a couple of inches of legroom (no pun intended) for me to shorten or lengthen as needed. Loft has some great shorts options in this length.

I hope you all are enjoying better, warmer weather than we are up here. Happy Monday and have a great week!

What’s your favorite color? Do you wear that color often? And for good measure, how’s the weather where you are?


30 thoughts on “Simple Picks: Stripes and Shorts

  1. Erin

    The pockets are super cute! I also love the shorts length. I hate super short shorts but nowadays it’s almost like you have to choose between booty shorts and ugly sack-like shorts. I remember in undergrad I was a camp counselor and I had to have finger-tip length shorts, and I tried on 24 pairs before I found hideous shorts that I had to buy 2 of to have enough. They still weren’t quite fingertip, because I’m lanky and have long legs and kind of long arms too. Other girls wore super short shorts but had short arms and were considered in code. I just wish there were more options so I can get cute shorts!

    1. JeeYoung Post author

      Seriously! It’s so hard to find shorts of decent length these days. I’m with you on the lanky and long legs, I used to get scolded back in youth group, but seriously, I can’t help it!

    1. JeeYoung Post author

      Thanks! I don’t know if I would’ve tried it, except for this weird weather! And button downs are great for nursing moms (me). 😛

  2. Lindsey

    My favorite color is purple, and I wear it as much as I can! 🙂 I have a thing for stripes, and you look so pretty in yellow! And Converse sneakers are my favorite!

  3. Charlotte

    This is an adorable outfit. The yellow is perfect with the white Chuck Taylors! Super cute 🙂 And easy. Love this look (and realized I don’t have any yellow clothing and you’re right–it really IS such a bright/happy color).

  4. Shaunacey

    Our summer is taking waaaaaaaay too long to arrive!!!
    Love the yellow color on you!
    I love converse on other people but never thought they looked nice on me 🙁


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