Mom Life Must Haves: The Tote Bag

Happy Tuesday, my friends! I hope you all had a great (holiday) weekend! I know we’re all a bit sad that the Memorial Day weekend sales are over, but never fear! Today, I have the perfect tote bag for you from Mom Life Must Haves and BONUS: a coupon code (SIMPLY15) for 15% off any purchase!

IMG_5675 IMG_5617

(We start ’em young around here. Just kidding, he insisted on helping!)

Sometimes I find that the day after a 3 day weekend is so much more productive because we have a short (work) week ahead. It doesn’t make this morning any less bittersweet though. We decided to keep things low-key this year and stay home to do some yard work and (Spring) cleaning. Sounds fun, huh? Don’t worry, our bellies were full of yummy BBQ and froyo all weekend long!

IMG_5678 IMG_5676

(Me and my squad, I’m the luckiest.)

On Saturday morning, D had some work to do, so I took the boys off to run some errands (re: Target is my mama mecca). I’ve never been a huge fan of diaper bags in general (except for one which will be in a future post)! I’m a grab some dipes, wipes, snacks, and clothes kind of mama, and this tote bag from Mom Life Must Haves is perfect for us on the go! I’ve been using it all weekend long and it will likely be my bag for the kids this summer. It’s super lightweight and the size is just large enough to carry all the things for my babies!

tote bag 2

There are other great products (I’ve been eyeing that wine glass for the last week!), but this tote bag caught my eye when I first came across the shop, because its message rings true for me daily! Now that I’ve been a mom of two little boys for almost a year(!!), my hands are definitely full, but my heart, oh my heart is so much fuller than I ever fathomed possible of my otherwise selfish soul.

tote bag 3

A was off playing in his room and too threenager to take a pic with us, but here is C who is keeping me busy all on his own already! This kid is obsessed with climbing our back staircase. And we use that chair as our baby gate, just because we’re too lazy to put our second gate up and duh, #secondchildprobs.
tote bag 1

Be sure to check out the shop, the “hands full, heart full” tote bag and don’t forget to use code “SIMPLY15” at checkout for a 15% discount on any purchase.

tote bag

What is your go to (non) diaper bag? Are you one of the lucky ones using a regular purse? Are you a fan of tote bags? Wine glasses? Traveler mugs? (ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR ME!)

(Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.)



26 thoughts on “Mom Life Must Haves: The Tote Bag

  1. Maya

    I have seen so many tote bags with cute quotes and this one is for sure up there on the cute scale!! Love it! I used to be a small purse girl, but with just one little one it is amazing how much stuff I carry around with me… so with two I can only imagine!

  2. Charlotte

    That bag is adorable! Love how spacious it looks (and I did actually do a liiiiiitle bit of holiday shopping though I tried my darndest to keep it to a limit!).

    Adorable photos 🙂

  3. Jessica

    That bag is so cute! A tote bag is a huge must with kids. I dump so much stuff into mine that it is slowly becoming a Mary Poppins bag lol.

  4. Inez

    This is super cute! I just use a purse. I just can’t bring myself I use a diaper bag. Haha. I do have one, though. If I absolutely can’t fit everything I use a tote. I imagine I’ll use one a lot in the summer.


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