Office days are like a Vacation day

Tuesdays are my office days.

Every Tuesday morning, I wake up earlier than normal, to enjoy a cup of hot coffee straight from the pot and not the microwave. I skip to the bathroom to put my face on, do my hair, and put on real (re: no leggings) pants to battle the 30 minute to 1 hour commute of 15 miles to my office.

And despite the wretched drive, every Monday night, I am giddy with excitement, packing my lunch (usually) and picking out an outfit and a cute pair of heels (sometimes) to look like a real adult.

My mornings are usually filled with checking e-mails and jumping from conference room to conference room meeting with various colleagues to discuss current projects and timelines. Lunch hour is spent with my work friends at the newest spot down the street. And most of my office days are filled to the brim with constant activity and chatter that I don’t have a moment to miss my babies.


But then there are those days. Those days where after the morning hustle quiets down, and I sit in front of my computer with a half cup of cold coffee in the late afternoon, wondering what my littles are up to; if the threenager had a good day at school or if the baby took a good morning nap.

I slowly sift through the camera roll on my phone and look through the pictures from last weekend and giggle to myself as I silently watch the videos from last night’s bath time. And then I look up to check the clock one more time to see how much longer I have before I get to make that wretched drive home.

office day


And thus the dichotomy that is motherhood.

I crave adult conversations. I crave time to myself. And yet, sometimes, when I get that time I am swept away with mom guilt and a gut wrenching pull to be near my babies. Grass is always greener, right? When I’m in the thick of the mothering my littles, all I can think about is the break away; and yet, when I’m at the office, all I think of is being at home and hearing their giggles and laughter in my ears.

It’s the constant push and pull of balance between taking care of my babies, but remembering to take care of myself too. And I think the latter is something that is often easy to forget because there are a million other things to do on any given day. It doesn’t make it any less important though. And that’s something I’m trying to remind myself of every day.

So as I start to pack my carry-on for this upcoming weekend for my annual momcation weekend with a few of my mama loves, I try to emotionally prepare to be away from my babies for a few days. For both my own sanity and for my babies to have some quality time with their daddy, I’m going to take the time for me and spend this weekend laughing and talking with friends that I only get to see once a year.

And probably just miss them (a little bit.) Can you blame me?


Do you find it easy or hard to get away for me-time? How do you balance enjoying time for yourself (while missing your babies)?



25 thoughts on “Office days are like a Vacation day

  1. Emily B

    "When I’m in the thick of the mothering my littles, all I can think about is the break away; and yet, when I’m at the office, all I think of is being at home and hearing their giggles and laughter in my ears." Oh. I can relate to this. I am not away from my girls often, but while I crave a break…I crave them when I'm away. 🙂

  2. D @

    "It’s the constant push and pull of balance between taking care of my babies, but remembering to take care of myself too." I can completely relate. I find myself having to constantly remind myself of the later. When I do feel myself missing them while away, I tell myself that the moments I do have myself are so brief compared to the time I spend WITH them.

  3. Lindsey McClure

    I can completely relate. Thank you for being so transparent…makes me feel less alone! Don't you wish fathers felt this way too? 😉 Because I don't think they do!

  4. Inez

    I've come to the conclusion that even though sometimes I think I want to work or go and do something by myself, I really don't. haha. I don't like being away from my son and missing out on anything!

  5. Sheree Ho

    This post is totally speaking to me, I have two as well and currently staying home so any ME time is like heaven to me, even if it is going to the bathroom without my daughter clinging tightly to my leg. But when I'm out, I'm constantly thinking about them, whether the sitter is doing proper job feeding them etc. It is a struggle!!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  6. Mal

    LOVE THIS! I just started work again a few weeks ago, and I’m also in the office only one day a week.. But boy is that day tough!! I keep being told I will get use to it.. Even begin to love my “day away” 🙂 and while I do truly love my job and my work it just breaks my heart to leave him!! Here’s to the future though!! Xoxox

  7. Jeanette

    I know that feeling too well. But I do believe it’s good for you and for your children to be apart from you a little, so you are able to miss eachother a little bit 🙂 As a mother you really do need some alone time and get a break from “motherhood”.

  8. Juliet @ Bowl of Cherries

    This is SO true! I have been a working Mom, full time, for all of my children’s lives. I really feel it makes me a better person and Mother for them, because I am allowed to go and have time to myself and be me to reset. Great post!

    1. JeeYoung Post author

      Yes! I definitely feel my identity as a woman and a mom is stronger having my career and it’s what works best for me and my family.

  9. Abigail

    First of all, your children are gorgeous! Second, I totally remember feeling that way when I had an office job too. Now it seems like it is even more difficult for me to leave my babies for some strange reason. I am at home with them all day every day, so I think I just feel lost without them. My husband and I went on a date this last week and were only away from home for 2 hours and all I kept thinking was how much I wanted to get home. Have fun with your friends this weekend!

  10. The Home Loving Wife

    Hahaha, I SO struggle with this as well, even though I don’t work outside the home. I’m always SO excited for time away from the house, away from the responsibilities of caring for my home and my family. But it’s not long before I’m feeling torn, missing my sweet little loves!

  11. Abigail

    I tried to comment on this yesterday twice, but it isn’t showing up. So I apologize if you get a ton of comments from me 🙂 I remember feeling this way when I had an office job as well! And I also used to do the photo stream thing as well! Have fun on your girls trip this weekend and prayers for safe travels!


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