My OOTD: A’s Point of View

A loves taking pictures. We gave him an old point and shoot and from time to time, he has fun snapping pics here and there of random things. (Let’s be honest, most are selfie close-ups of his eyes, nose, and mouth). Anyway, just like most 3 year olds of the 2010s generation, he is more than well versed in all things “iPhone operations.” He grabbed (held hostage) my phone earlier today before we left for the park. These pics that he took of my OOTD made me laugh as I wind down for the night flipping through my photo album. Don’t mind my big mouth and awkward poses.

Hair: Up in a ponytail (’cause duh! I’m a mom)
Make-up: Face is on today (good job JY)
Jacket: Max Jeans ($50 find at Marshall’s)
Leggings: Hue (leggings as pants, FTW)
Chambray Shirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Converse


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