Baseball Cap is a Must!

So I hurriedly threw this ‘outfit’ together when I saw that Elle needed a co-host last minute. Co-host for what you ask? Well, I’m joining Elle from Living In Color and Jacqueline from Stylin In St. Louis hosting Spotlight Weekly! This week’s trend is hats! I’d love it if you linked up below. Show me those hats and meet some stylish new women!

Collage - hats


I have tons and tons and tons of hair. Even though I chopped off 10 inches last month, I can’t escape my mane! I am ever so grateful for the invention of dry shampoo, but some days, I just need to cap it and run. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t be stylish too! This simple baseball cap is the perfect accessory! 

My absolute favorite is the army/utility jacket that I picked up at Marshall’s for $50. It’s soft, lightweight, and the cut of the jacket, pockets and details are exactly what I’ve been searching for the past couple of months.
I’m glad D has a few baseball caps in his collection, since my hat collection is nearly non-existent.

Are you a fan of baseball caps? Or any hats in your wardrobe?



11 thoughts on “Baseball Cap is a Must!

  1. Jill McMeans

    This is so cute- I love that utility jacket too!! I love throwing on a hat and heading out the door- I actually did that yesterday:) Thanks for a fun link up- have a great day!


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